Kopapa – to get us off on a good start

Kopapa is a New Zealand/Asian restaurant with tapas style food – yes it sounds strange but for any of you that have been to New Zealand and Australia can understand the fabulous combination. They said that there are also a Middle Eastern influences but we did not quite understand where that lay.

Ok, so it took us a while to find (reminder to self never ask a bike/taxi man for directions) but it was worth the wait.

We were told that they were fully booked but there were a number of tables available but these soon got busy quickly. We were quickly and efficiently seated at a table away from the window  – although there were plenty of tables free at the window. Once asked they immediately changed this for us and seemed almost surprised that they had not thought of this before? We would add that not much attention was paid to decor and the location was nice but they could have made the most of this. Having said this, it was not fussy and came with a clean and homely feel.

The waitress told us that we needed to order around five plates for two people. This was not obvious at first and we could have ended up having a minute plate each (a disaster for us gluttons)

We ordered a mixed platter which we asked to come out first (note: you need to specifically ask for certain plates to come first), which had a lovely selection of antipasti; this was then followed at intervals with the other orders. I have to say both our favourites were the Crispy Pork Belly. It was cooked to perfection and really crispy. Another highlight was the Tempura Crab – so succulent and the textures worked so well. The flavours of the dishes never dominate another and it was an enjoyable and most satisfying meal.

Their service was good and we were served on time but not over served (when waiters decide it’s a great idea to ask you how the food is just as you are taking a huge mouthful).

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable meal that was good value!

Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls has deceided to reward Kopapa with:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

4 Stars3 Stars3 Stars

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