Last night we went to a Japanese establishment located in Liverpool Street called Tsuru. Firstly, we would like to point out it is rather hard to find (I have been previously so saved last week’s performance of running around in circles – see Kopapa post). It is hidden behind the glass skyscrapers on Bishops Gate and THEN squeezed between another two scarily faceless buildings. On the plus side; it is quiet and not touristy, on the bad side the atmosphere is somewhat business like. We did like the fact you can sit outside even if it rains as there is a glass roof that connects the two financial buildings it’s squeezed into.

Once inside Tsuru it has a rather clinical atmosphere (although a lot is down to lack of customers). I would say it is like a better version of Wagamama’s  and with more of a focus on Japanese cuisine (an no benches just bar stools -not sure which is better to be honest?). There was a modest selection of food which you would expect from a Japanese restaurant full of ‘suits’ and no Japanese customers. We had Edamame Beans, Prawn Tempura and Sushi Platter for starters. The food was fresh and there was a great selection of Sushi that was well made and plenty of it. It was faultless. We then had the obligatory Katsu curry which again arrived in ample size and was very satisfying.

We cannot complain the food quality was great! It was satisfying and also the prices were very good (even without the deal that we had). The only thing was that we felt deflated about the location of the restaurant, and its atmosphere. We had the creeping feeling of being in a goldfish bowl.

Over all good food, good service and at a good price but unless you eat outside the restaurant feels very bland.

Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives Tsuru:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

3 Stars1 Star3 Stars

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Square Meal

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