The Riding House Cafe

Our next restaurant lined up was The Riding House Cafe in Oxford Circus.  This is a British restaurant that is award winning in its design. To give you some background, we really weren’t up for going for a meal tonight (unusual for us) and after a long week we would have liked to have gone home to bed. Needless to say, I was a good friend and went out and I’ am delighted to say that I’ am so glad I did!

As soon as we walked in The Riding House Cafe we were welcomed by the staff and the friendly bustling atmosphere hugged us. It was loud but not over powering and it was tastefully designed to be like an English/Italian brasserie type affair.

We were showed to our seats which were old wooden seats bolted to the floor and we were sharing a huge wooden table with about 30 others. This was not to stifling or overcrowded either which we thought it may be.

It was the attention to detail that we really loved, everywhere you looked there was something different, trendy but old-fashioned and it was clearly much appreciated by the customers.

Water were presented  in old metal water jugs and there were clay pot of flowers on the tables.

Now  to the food…

We ordered nibbles followed by ‘small plates’ for starters. It was suggested we have two each and share which was just enough. We had Steak Tartare, Sea Bass Tartare with Citrus and Chilli, Braised Rabbit and Chorizo and Squid Salad. On their own, each were cooked to perfection (which is hard to do with food such as Tartare, Rabbit and Squid) and faultless. My only slight criticism was that the Steak Tartare was chopped too finely and therefore lost its flavour somewhat and texture.

This was then followed by our main course. We had Chateaubriand and Root Vegetables. The Steak was a sight to behold and was cooked to perfection (rare but Chateaubriand should not be blue?), it just, melted in the mouth. Delish!

Despite being a busy restaurant, the restaurant’s service was on time and faultless. The other added bonus was that you could see – even smell- the kitchen and this 1. added to the atmosphere and 2. Told us it was top quality!

The food was not cheap but certainly not overpriced and I cannot recommend this place enough!

Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls’ rating for The Riding House Cafe is:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

5 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

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