The Caribbean Scene

So ok I’ve learnt my lesson NEVER let Anna choose the restaurant! Background to this I told her it was going to be horrid but has been going on about this for months – oh and how right I was (do like it when that happens).

So we went to a Caribbean restaurant in Stratford called ‘The Caribbean Scene’ (yes I cringed at the name myself), they mainly did buffet food (why on earth would you choose to go to a restaurant that serves buffet food is beyond me in the first place?) but did some a la carte. We were shown into a huge room that served probably around 300 people but there were only us and another couple; you can see where this is going.

To cut a long story short, the food and atmosphere was pretty lame to say the least. Food served from the buffet on to your plate IS apparently a la carte and a service where they call you an ‘alcoholic’ after having two G&T’s is called hospitality!

To top it off, the food was overpriced, but it was worth it as at end of the day I heard the words from Anna I have always wanted to hear…”You Terri were RIGHT! yes right!” so it was worth it in the end.

The Caribbean Scene deserves:

0 Star0 Star0 Star

(compromise as I thought deserved -2…ok will stop it now)

Caribbean Scene on Urbanspoon
Square Meal

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