I have heard a lot about how addictive Wahaca is but in my mind I saw it as a chain that you had to queue for ages and then serves pre cooked food.

I couldn’t be more wrong (ok Anna calm yourself I admitted it ONCE), there was a long queue but as we were a group of three we were sat almost immediately (maybe they felt sorry for us) right by the window.

What surprised me was the speed of the service, along with the quality and authenticity of the food. I usually expect fast food to be just that…but seriously it is definitely is worth a visit. The waiter explained how the menu worked – a few small dishes or one large one. We were starving so ordered a number of plates and were so full and satisfied that we couldn’t finish the last morsels.

For starters we shared a number of small plates, these included Pork Pilpil Tacos (über spicy but slowly cooked and perfect), Salted Herring Tacos and Black Bean dish, these were all very spicy but not in an over powering way; the spices complemented the food and gave it a sense of authenticity.

Main course, we had  Pork Burritos (wanted the grill but have never ate a burrito – not ashamed to say that either!). This came with plenty of sauces, rice and some amazing Salsa.

Dessert, we had a Tequila Hot Chocolate, which was amazing (and I am not big fan of Tequila), Mango Sorbet (which was zingy and so tasty) and the best ice cream I have had in a while (to be honest not had ice cream in years but still…) Salted Caramel Ice Cream – if you go to Wahaca for anything it’s that I assure you! Overall very filling, satisfying and dare I say it; authentic.

We had a  bottle of wine to share, a cocktail each and a three course meal (you have to try the Salted Caramel Ice Cream!) which came to just over £20 – as much as we would love to disagree with the masses, must admit it was pretty damn good!

Sex Drugs and Bacon Roll rates Wahaca:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

3 Stars4 Stars3 Stars

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Square Meal

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