Nestled between a sophisticated side street in Mayfair lies Cecconi’s. If you ever wondered what the fuss was all about  you really need to try this mouth-watering food.

We were welcomed by elegant waiters who swiftly placed us on a grand table. The place is buzzing and once you taste the food you will understand why.

The room has a bar in the centre with dining tables surrounding it. There is dark lighting (almost needed a candle at one point to read the menu) which adds a bit of glamour and grandeur to the atmosphere. Seats are covered in a deep green velvet and the walls are plain white with gold splashes of art deco furnishings.

Now to the food; we started with a sharing platter of a mixture of the starters, this was truly amazing and the waiters tailored it so that we had a range of starters as we were a group of three (unusual enough). The cuisine is Italian in heritage, which is modern yet traditional enough to be extremely delicious without being fussy or on the other hand too rustic. The Sardine Bruschetta and Pate were one of the highlights on the platter for me.

We then (in true Italian style) had pasta as our second course. We had Ox Tail Ragu. We have never tasted anything like it. The meat was so tasty, pasta was al dente and all were flavoured to perfection. Absolutely lovely!

On to the mains…the three of us shared a Rib Eye (it was enormous and more than enough for us all) this was served with Greens and Green Bean Tempura. The waiter rolled  the Steak on a table and cut it in front of us – firstly a great spectacle but ensured that we could see the freshness and tenderness of the beef. It really was mouth-watering.

We followed this off by dessert of Lemon Delics (Lemon infused sponge with a tangy cream) and Cheesecake.

What more can I say? – well maybe that this magnificent feast was closed by a single Espresso.

Simply sensational, Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls rewards Cecconi’s with:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

5 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

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