Tom’s Kitchen

Once found, this quaint kitchen restaurant is hard to over look. It looks almost like a picture postcard with four large windows and a great wooden door. We have always wanted to go to Tom Aikens restaurant  – as a keen fan.

We were welcomed in by a pleasant yet not overly professional waiters (I don’t mean this in a rude way). The room was simplistic with great wooden tables and chairs and the stark white walls contrasted with the black and white pictures of food and chefs cooking.

The menu was extensive but not too overwhelming with a clear focus on good food and quality over style and elegance.

We ordered Lamb with Lemon Polenta and a Green Olive Jus, and Pheasant Casserole. The food was perfect and desserts were great! Throughout this post however, we are tempted constantly to say the word ‘BUT’… So here goes; but we thought the service was mediocre, we had not expected to have to signal when the plates needed to be taken away, or to ask for the bill. We also found how they poured the wine embarrassing – asking the lady of the table to taste and then dribbling it everywhere before getting a kitchen towel (yes you heard right a kitchen towel?!) to mop up the wasted wine.

Also the Truffle Chips that were divine came only after asking and about two bites before the end of the meal.

Dessert of Pavlova and Sticky Toffee again was so tasty and clearly well spiced, but again the service let it down.

After two hours we were rather uncomfortable in our hard wooden seats so it was a relief to leave.

We have to say the food was perfect and a real treat but the service was not worth the money. To rub salt into the wound as we left, the waitress said to us “bloody hell I have lost her fur coat” about another customer leaving just after us.

For its top notch food but poor service, Tom’s Kitchen gets from Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls (the service was a complete let down – sorry Tom):

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

4 Stars3 Stars1 Star

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    • Ha ha thank you for taking the time to read our blog. No there has been no bacon roll posts yet but maybe thats something we can think about in the new year. To be honest quite partial to a good old bacon roll smothered in brown sauce…yummm

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