The Vincent Rooms

This has been on our ‘to do’ list as it were for quite a while. The Vincent Rooms are located in Westminster Catering College. This is where some of the most talented British (and a few foreign) Chefs  have been trained to be the best in the industry. Jamie Oliver was one of the most recently celebrated graduates from this place and with its reputation of delivering quality food and service to the highest standard; it looks like he will not be the last! Nestled right at the back of busy Victoria is the college; it is nothing pretty but doesn’t pretend to be.

When you walk in it looks like a sports hall and the décor leaves a lot to the imagination, but this is to be expected in training college no? It is sweet in a way, as you are greeted by wide-eyed students who want to get everything just right, you can see their passion and desire to please. The service is therefore pleasant and eager to please, though a little rough around the edges at times.

Now on to the food.

We had a Salmon, Goat’s Cheese on Brochette with Chutney starter, the food was tasty and good quality. There was clear attention to detail, we must stress, these are students and do not come here and expect Michelin standards and flavours but do expect, traditional restaurant meals that are satisfying and tasty.

For the Main Course we had a Roast Chicken Christmas dinner (as it was just before Christmas) and a Risotto of Butternut Squashes and Sage. Both were well executed though not pushing any boundaries in flavours or ingredients but what more could you expect from students who are serving dinners that aren’t used to fine dining?

For dessert, we had Panna Cotta with a Plum Stew and Caramel Ice-Cream as well as a Cheese Board. I think the Pana cotta was delicious and probably best showed off the skills of the Chefs.

Everything was cooked from scratch (I know this is to be expected but the little details such as the sauces and chutneys are often overlooked), service was pleasant and the food satisfying.

We really think that if you take it for what it is, ambitious students who want to be at the very top of their industry but need to be trained and supported first then you will not be disappointed, especially for the price; the three course meal came to £30 a head which I think was a bargain in consideration of the quality, quantity and desire to please. Oh and not to forget the bag of marbles we got from the Christmas cracker!

Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives The Vincent Rooms:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

2 Stars3 Stars3 Stars

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