Brumus at the Haymarket Hotel

We have been to the Brumus restaurant in the Haymarket Hotel once before for afternoon tea and was very impressed with the attention to detail and quality. This time the visit was for lunch.

Nestled between the Theatre Royal Haymarket it is a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly Circus outside.

We were welcomed by cool, calm and collected staff that seemed not to be daunted by anything. We were taken to our table that looks out onto Piccadilly. Wherever you sit in the restaurant you can see out through the large French windows which is perfect because the room is rather regally dark as well as the fact that diners can calmly drink and eat while watching the world go by.

We started with some delicious cocktails, We had the Passion Fruit Haymarket Cocktail that was well done and with a clear level of detail.

Before we start on the food we just want to point out that me after having such a fabulous Afternoon tea and cocktail selection we were a little taken aback by the menu choices. Though enough of a selection to please all, the dishes were very traditional and expected. It almost seemed as though they played safe to please the typical English middle class diners.

We finally chose Steak Tartare for starter. Now we realise it is rather unfair of us to compare this dish to the awesome Hawksmoor in the Seven Dials but here goes…

The steak tartare was goods but seasoned maybe a little too generously. The meat was not meaty enough for my liking – if you know what I mean. It was chopped into miniscule pieces. The bread that was served was good but again not chunky and rustic enough. The quality and presentation however was faultless. Other dinners had Foie Gras which again was elegantly sophisticated but looked and tasted safe.

On to the mains. We had a Lemon and Herb Risotto with Scallops. This we have to admit was delicious; the flavours really did work and we think it was without a shadow of a doubt the most exciting dish on the menu. Our fellow diners had the Steak Tartare for mains and it was hardly much bigger than our starter but cost a lot more (We sat there rather smugly I must admit).

For dessert we chose a selection of Haymarket Sorbets rather than their magnificent sundaes (We was rather full at this point). They were delicious and elegantly served on a Banana Leaf. We finished off with a shot of Espresso to wake us from our sleepy afternoon states.

This was all washed down with copious amounts of red and white wine. We all agreed that the next thing on the menu was sleep.

Brumus in the Haymarket Hotel gets from Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars


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