The Queens Arms in Pimlico

The Queens Arms. Ok, so not one of the most unique names for a pub but still. This Gastropub is based in Pimlico and was chosen as we had foreign guests who wanted a traditional English pub meal and also have a two year old (wipes out a few of the nicer gastro’s) and have a discerning taste – not easy!

This pub’s honesty was charming. The young bar staff clearly have an eye for quality and damn good food and drink yet the atmosphere is relaxed, where anything goes. The big, wooden tables, which are polished or varnished add that extra simple quality to the place.

We were seated in the bustling pub and given a simple Sunday Dinner Menu, which had all the traditional English gastro meals you would expect such as; Bangers and Mash (Wild Boar and Thyme Sausages with Creamed Mashed Potatoes) Fish and Chips and good old Sunday Roasts.

We all chose Sunday roasts of Pork Belly or Roast Beef, depnding on hte diner’s taste. What we liked about it was that each type of meat came with a different selection of vegetables. We were asked how we wanted the Roast Beef, which was a refreshing change than being served the roast beef well done as the only option – and when we asked for it rare, it really was rare. Service was efficient yet very casual in style with the bar staff doing the service.

This was followed by a Blood Orange Sorbet, which was so fresh and tangy and a Sticky Toffee Pudding that was indeed very sticky and very sweet.

For parents with young kids or for anyone looking for a relaxed place for Sunday lunch, The Queens Arms is perfect. Parents needn’t feel embarrassed if kids shout or cry and friends can comfortably drink and eat in a casual atmosphere. As a result, Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives The Queens Arms:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

3 Stars3 Stars2 Stars

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Square Meal


  1. I have had a drink there a couple of times (you are right, very charming place) but never tried the food. Thanks for the thumbs up!!

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