Gow’s Restaurant

We have noticed Gow’s Restaurant a number of times when I used to work in Liverpool street. This Brasserie style Oyster bar just looked so inviting, so when we got the opportunity to go there we couldn’t say no.

As always our stomach’s got the best of us and we had to check the menu in detail before we went, we decided we would go for the luxury Seafood Platter with a bottle of Pommery Champagne (included), when we confirmed the booking via the telephone we were told this was all fine and would be ready for us upon arrival.

When we arrived we were taken to a small staircase that lead to a cupboard like hallway and small door. Once through the door we arrived at the dining room and we were rather underwhelmed. We had imagined that we would be sitting upstairs or at the very least with the bustling atmosphere and grad decor of above. Instead we were greeted to a vast dining room that was virtually empty (apart from a couple talking rather loudly) and the place must seat at least 150 guests so it seemed rather lonely. The walls were covered in dark wood panels with pictures of dead fish wherever you looked – we would go so far as to say suffocating.

Anyway we ordered our food but were told that we could no longer have the champagne and luxury platter as this was on the old menu and the online version had not been updated. If you are a familiar reader to this blog you will know that we do not tolerate such inexcusable service… anyway leave that one to your imagination. Needless to say we soon had the platter.

So our starter was served; a Crab Crumble that was basically creamy brown and white Crab meat served with a crumbly topping. This came out bubbling and golden. We dived in (though rather hot) and the hard cheesy topping broke into the creamy bubbling meat. I have to say this was a masterpiece to the taste buds and we soon polished the lot.

Now for our main course we ordered the luxury platter of Lobsters, Crabs, Mussels, Oysters, Shrimps, King and Tiger Prawns and Razor Clams. (to be quiet honest there was so much we can not remember)  This was served on a bed of Seaweed and ice along with the mandatory finger bowl and a selection seafood dressings and spices. This did look magnificent on our table along with the Champagne and it was a shame the place was empty so no on else could share the sight of this wonder. The seafood was fresh and well prepared, we could not find a fault with the food.(yes you heard correctly)

To finish off this extravagant meal we had Clementine Crème Brulee. Now we are partial to a Crème Brulee or two from travels to the US and our American friend took us to her favourite Crème Brulee spots (her mission was to find the best before she died) and had to say this Crème Brulee put those to shame. They say you can tell a Crème Brulee by its crack and indeed the burnt sugar was really crisp and made that satisfying crack once tapped. Once inside, the creamy mixture had speckles of orange rind inside (not too big to feel the texture but the clementine taste really was a sensation to the mouth.

We were truly impressed with the food and we would love to give the food five starts out of five but have to say the atmosphere and decor really did put a slight dampener on the mood. We will definitely come here again but will make sure that we are sitting upstairs; you live and learn.

So for the quality of the seafood, but taking in the decor (and rather irritating couple) Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls would like to give Gow’s Restaurant:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

5 Stars2 Stars3 Stars

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  1. Yeah, we have lots of “underwhelmed” experiences, too. Your picture is fab though, and makes us want to go there. And we love Creme Brulee with that “cracky” exterior.

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