Massimo is located just off Whitehall. Massimo is widely recognised as one of the best designed restaurants in London but even from the outside the building is impressive. Located in the Corinthia hotel, the building is a typical Whitehall building with solid white bricks that dominate the street.

Once in the hotel we walked to a subtle brass door and into the restaurant. Have to admit, we can see why the restaurant is rated for its style-it was pretty breathtaking. The restaurant was black and white with brass elegantly breaking this up the colour in all the right places. There were four huge pillars black and white stripped with black and white stone floor tiles to match. The wine cupboard was pretty impressive too. The wine cabinet reached the high ceilings and was glass with brass holders for the wine. The bar was elegantly designed and a large clock loomed over it.

We were seated at our table in the centre of the restaurant and given our menus which were subtly Italian in cuisine. For starter we had Mussels, Clams, Squid Calamari with Courgette. This was light and well presented. The bread we had to compliment this was the dry Italian bread which is not a favourite of mine but there was some sumptuous Olive Bread that I managed to get through very quickly.

For main course we had Monkfish with Aubergine and Lentils and Seafood Linguine both were delicious and faultlessly flavoured and presented.

Dessert were a Chocolate Mousse and a Ginger and Salt Crème Brulee which was amazing, the salty burnt sugar worked as a great contrast to the creamy centre.

When leaving we were shown to the ‘moon’ light feature which was clearly a party piece for the hotel that they were clearly proud of; basically many different lights that once together resembled a full moon – I was impressed but only mildly, though I appreciate their effort to show this to us.

We felt that although at first the atmosphere is seemingly  pretentious in style the friendly yet knowledgeable service cuts through this to make a most enjoyable and relaxing evening.

Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls awards Massimo:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

4 Stars5 Stars4 Stars

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