The Rose Lounge – Sofitel St James

This hidden gem is located in the Sofitel Hotel in Piccadilly. When you walk into the hotel the smell of fresh flowers hit your nostrils. The hotel staff were dressed in Top Hats and Tails and there was a Piano on the balcony, so before we even made it to the Rose Lounge area, we were already impressed.

The Rose Lounge as it is called only has ten tables so is very comfortable and not crowded. It was very light and airy and the sofas were upholstered with white fabric with imprints of red Roses. The tables are white and have pink Rose Petals strewn over them. The tea cups match the petals perfectly as they are dainty pink and silver china.

We were seated by the fireplace in two comfy arm chairs. We have not got to the best bit yet, as in the corner of the room there is a harpist who plays in the afternoons while you eat, drink and read your way though a relaxed Sunday.

We started with champagne cocktails that were served with a Strawberry. This was followed by Finger Sandwiches and Scones. The Scones were not traditional as they were rather small and were served with Rose and Raspberry Jam and Lemon Curd but none the less utterly delicious.

We then had tea; we chose the Lychee tea from the glittery book full of tea options. Served in Japanese black metal tea pots which were adorable. The Lychee Tea was amazingly fragrant and light.

We were then served by a waiter with six choices of pastries, these were all handmade and we could choose off the tray as many or as little as we wanted. We tried them all needless to say. There was a Mango Mousse with a fruit jelly topping, a Blueberry Cheesecake Bomb that was served with a remarkable swirl of white chocolate, a Chocolate and Coffee Sponge Cake that was so creamy, a sponge cake that was filled with dried fruits and a Raspberry Macaroon stuffed with Raspberry Cream and Raspberries in the middle (a particular favourite). The talent of the chef’s that made these were phenomenal! This was a top quality sophisticated afternoon tea the likes of the Ritz has never seen.

As we were leaving, the hotel was doing the evening tradition of lighting all the candles in the hotel which originates from Paris where the streets were lit to make it safe to walk before electricity. They have old fashioned candle holders and the staff in Top Hat and Tails slowly meander around the hotel, a real treat if you manage to catch it in time.

This place was truly spectacular! With only a few diners, pastries made fresh and with intricate detail and skill and the harpist topping it off. We were totally blown away!

We finished off our tea and thanked the Harpist and left on a sugar high.

The best afternoon tea we can honestly say we have ever had (and we have had a few). For that reason Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls rewards The Rose Lounge with:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

5 Stars5 Stars4 Stars

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