L’Autre Pied

So we have had a reservation booked at L’Autre Pied for quite some time now and have been really looking forward to it. Our first Michelin star French restaurant for our blog and seven courses at that!

Unfortunately the restaurant did not live up to expectations. We walked in to the restaurant, just off Marylebone High Street and instead of being welcomed into a stylish top class restaurant; we walked into a small bland room with tables almost touching each other. We were sat quite near the door and almost in the centre of the room – hardly private or atmospheric.

We started with an amuse bouche of pumpkin mousse with a pumpkin and toasted black sesame seed topping, it looked rather colourful and healthy and we were impressed. However when taking our first bite, it hardly tasted healthy. There was a very distinct and overpowering taste of butter! (Was also the same colour for that matter).

Now onto our second course, we had Jerusalem artichoke volute with burnt roscoff onion, toasted hazelnut and mushroom cream. This was definitely a lot nicer than the first course. Our plates came out with the hazelnut, onions and artichoke pieces presented beautifully in the small bowl whilst the waiter poured over the creamy mushroom soup. This looked as good as it tasted and thought things were starting to look up.

Third course. We were then served lasagne of pork, celeriac and parmesan foam, baby onions and parsley oil, this tasted as strange as it sounds. The presentation itself was immaculate, a real work of art, but just did not go together at all.

Fourth course, we were treated to what was the star of the meal; saddle of sika deer cooked in cocoa, parsley root, red cabbage, shaved chestnuts and rosemary sauce . The meat was incredibly tender and cooked perfectly and the red cabbage was a real treat to our taste buds, complimenting the sweetness of the meat. On this occasion, although still elegantly presented, there was a true sense of taste over design.

Fifth course was five slithers of brie with crackers wedged in between – hardly Michelin standards and hardly a course; we won’t bore you with our thoughts.

Pre Dessert (you would have thought a Michelin Starred Restaurant could of come up with a better title for this course than ‘Pre Dessert’) consisted of a small glass of mango, tropical jelly and coconut mousse. This was sour and refreshing and cut through the rich meats and cheeses that we had just consumed. Mango is always a favourite in our books.

For the actual dessert, we had a vanilla cheesecake with caramelised banana and passion fruit sorbet. This was lovely; the crispy caramelised banana cracked as you broke into it and hit the creamy vanilla cheesecake mixture whilst the passion fruit gave a real sour edge to the sweetness of the other ingredients. The only thing we could find fault with was that it was far too small for our liking.

This restaurant did not live up to our expectations and maybe that is why we have been so harsh with it, however flavours were disappointing and somewhat felt like they were creating art rather than a delicious meal.

Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls awards L’Autre Pied:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

1 Star3 Stars3 Stars

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