We went to Mushu, unfortunately not because of the reviews or gut feeling but because we fancied a Japanese restaurant near Warren Street. Not the best start I must admit. However the post does get more positive we can assure you.

So we arrived at Mushu which is a stone’s throw away from Warren Street tube station and as you walk in, you are hit by the openness of the place. It is incredibly spacious and clean, with a stylish Japanese décor.

There were wooden benches (slightly more homely than Wagamamas) and you can see the kitchen which is boxed in by glass. We liked the fact that cleanliness was a key objective and that really went in its favour.

The menu selection has all that you would want from a Japanese restaurant; sushi, ramen noodles and Katsu’s and at a decent price along with that.
The food is served is true oriental style – basically served with whichever is prepared first (which is not always to our Western tastes; us included).

We ordered spicy beef, noodle soup and chicken katsu. The soup was by far the superior as the dumplings were meaty and deliciously spiced. The katsu less so, bland flavours and although clearly homemade felt as though it was churned out.

For starters (that came after mains) we had sushi and chicken teriyaki skewers served on a bed of banana leaves and although rather amateurish in presentation was homely enough.

Mushu provided us with a mixed bag experience, their Japanese food was moderate which lacked any fancy able presentation, although they did provide a pleasant service, good cleanliness and family atmosphere to balance the two sides.

Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls rewards Mushu with:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

3 Stars2 Stars2 Stars

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