The Book Club

The Book Club has a typical ‘East London feel’ to it; quirky, cool and lively. When we walked in we were struck by the quirky bareness of the place. It had furniture that were all odd and are a mixture of long wooden tables, desks and sofas. The diners wear bobble hats and rather unique knitted jumpers. Covering the walls are childrens drawing of animals. This place would look awkward and frankly wouldn’t survive anywhere else except Shoreditch, but here it certainly does thrive in this funky area. The atmosphere is as you can expect laid back to the point of being vertical, however it is certainly not disorganised – despite first impressions.

We found two spaces on a bench on one of the long tables and squeezed ourselves in-between a pink, white and bobbly jumper wearing diners.

We ordered scrambled egg and smoked salmon along with a vegetable foccacia. You have to go up to the ceramic bar to order as well as pay. The staff are laid back and clearly sporting a hangover from the night before but they are surprisingly as efficient (We are not stereotyping, we were told by the guy taking our order that he had only had a few hours sleep and felt like death after falling off his bike, had to be there to find this funny). This atmosphere is not irritating like you would expect but rather relaxing and makes you realise that Sundays are for just that, relaxing. The food is cooked further along the ceramic bar and although the kitchen looks a bit tired it did not look dirty, just in need of a bit of TLC.

They also had an extensive juice and cocktails menu. The food was served in good time and we helped ourselves to cutlery from a jar in the centre of our table. The scrambled egg was deliciously creamy and there was plenty of salmon although it felt as though it had been sitting unwrapped for a while, not dry necessary, just not as moist as I would expect. The foccacia was thick and topped with Mediterranean vegetables. The full English breakfast that the pink and white jumper diners were eating however did not look (or evidently taste) quite as good. Again it looked as though it had been standing for a few minutes longer than it should and the sausage was burnt, although practically anaemic in the centre.

We can not help comparing The Book Club to The Breakfast Club in Shoreditch, the food, atmosphere and the service although nearly faultless was missing just that added extra. The smoothies, the extra ingredients and the quality of food were good but not outstanding.

The Book Club gets *** Stars out of 5:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

2 Stars3 Stars3 Stars

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