The Summerhouse

It was such a lovely day that it seemed a shame not to make the most of it. So we decided to go for a walk around Little Venice and have lunch at The Summerhouse.

The Summerhouse is a small restaurant right at the heart of little Venice which has a balcony that leads onto the river. The views are fabulous and even on the fresh morning they have plastic cover to protect diners rather than the rather than actual windows and walls. This place has only decided to open all year round this year, whereas before they opened April-October.

The Summerhouse lies between the river and the tight country road so there are narrow paths leading up to it. Once inside the restaurant which just oozes summer and even on cold wintery weekends will give any diner an injection of that ‘feel good’ summer feeling. The restaurant has the décor of a light and modern boat house with white wooden furniture and peppermint wooden slats on the walls.

The menu is small but has a nice range of dishes that are all clearly inspired by the summer. We ordered a Tricolore: avocado, mozzarella, tomato, basil & olive oil salad along with a strawberry and Watermelon platter. The food was served quickly and the attention to detail was what we liked most about the dishes. The fruit platter came out on a wooden platter with enough fruit for at least two people and the clotted cream that was served with it was served in mini white metal buckets. The Ticolore was also pleasing to the eye as the mozzarella, avocado and tomatoes were spread fan like into a perfect circle. Both lunch dishes were so light and refreshing; simple yet so well done.

We ate slowly and enjoyed the views of the canal boast slowly passing by. This restaurant had a calming and laid back summer feeling that was too irresistible to give in to.

For simplicity of food, location, atmosphere and efficient service Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls decided to award The Summerhouse:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

3 Stars4 Stars3 Stars

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