The Living Room

We have only fond memories of The Living Room as it used to be a weekly Sunday cocktail pub crawl that old friends used to partake in (rather luxuriously). Yet this time around, we decided to go for a meal there and although not eye-catching we thought if the food is as good as the cocktails list (and as extensive) then we were on to a winner.

When you walk into The Living Room, the open corridor takes you to the bar which has an amazing selection of alcohol and is stylishly laid back. The bartenders are clearly old pros who have been there for years and always provide a show. The waiters are incredibly friendly and seem to manage the large groups of people despite only being a few staff around. Sorry we got carried away; enough of the alcohol.

On to the food, we were taken to the upstairs dining area where we had never been before. Yet if busy, they will seat diners downstairs at the forefront of the place and is separated from the bar by slate fires places. The staircase leading upstairs is winding and has a Nordic look to it with simple, light brown wood slates. The room above is similar to the downstairs in that is open plan and the kitchen is stylishly in the middle of the room which has glass surrounds enabling diners to see the kitchen.

We were seated at one of the tables near another couple and the waitress pulled down a see through net blind that created privacy – nice touch. The fusion menu was ample in size that was simple yet was clearly designed by a knowledgeable chef. We ordered Scallops on a bed of celeriac puree and chorizo in chilli and red wine. Both were simple yet impressively presented. Our scallops were huge and so tender. The chorizo was clearly marinated however we would have liked the chilli flavour to come out more. Both were nicely presented.

For the main course we ordered a fillet steak with béarnaise sauce with vegetables and roasted chicken thigh wrapped in parma ham. Although both a pretty safe bet, this is where they seemed to falter slightly. The steak was very fatty and was served medium not rare as we had asked. The chicken was served on the bone in a roasted tomatoes chutney sauce. Although the tomatoes mixture was well flavoured, unfortunately the chicken was incredibly dry and clung to the bone.

It was a shame as the service, atmosphere and presentation was extremely good, but after the disastrous main course, The Living Room gets from Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

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  1. Have been to the Living Room and I had a great meal – but that’s the restaurant business in a nutshell – one day spot on – next miles away. It shouldn’t be like that – but it’s because all chef’s think they are Gordon Ramsey and do things their way. It’s a pity when they can’t keep the consistency. Same with serving staff. Sorry, that you didn’t walk away with the same great experience as I did.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I really think that they can do it well but ambiton, ego and a busy service makes all the difference. Trouble is consistancy is key.

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