The Brickhouse

The Brickhouse is located in a part of the Truman’s Brewery in Brick Lane and by looking at the exterior the name is apt.

The restaurant is spread over three floors. The ground floor has a small number of tables and a bar, at the front of the floor is a large stage where the Cabaret/Burlesque act starts after your meal. The second floor is the over flow restaurant and the top floor is the ‘sofa room’ for parties where there are large sofa’s in which people can relax and look out of the balcony and on to the stage.

We booked early in advance, which is vital to ensure you eat at a sensible time. We were seated at the front and so had great views of the show when it started. The menu was a set four course meal with entertainment included for £40 (not our usual choice to be honest). When we think of a set menu, we assume the food would be limited and small in proportions. When we were handed the menus we were pleasantly surprised (especially as entertainment is included); the menu had four or five options per course with a pallet refresher classed as a course before the main.

For starter we ordered a pigeon leg and quail egg salad. It was delicious and decent in size. The poached quail eggs were perfectly cooked with the yolk still a little runny and the meat was tender and succulent. We also ordered a Parma ham and rocket salad (yes it’s our fellow diner again who likes ‘plain’ food) and this was well presented and tasty.

We then had lemon sorbet to refresh our pallets which was fresh and tangy, which was welcomed after the rich starter.

For main course we ordered fillet steak with pepper corn sauce and vegetables. This again was well proportioned but not fussy and the steak was very tender, which is a relief as previous steaks we’ve encountered were not up to standard.

For dessert we had kiwi and lime mousse that was light, fluffy and sour. This had large chunks of kiwi fruit on top and was everything the name suggested. We also had a New York cheesecake that was rich and very creamy.

The main event however was the cabaret that started half way through our main course. It was nice to slowly eat our meal and know we were waiting for the entertainment. We find that far too often we don’t really enjoy the company of friends as much as we should when eating out together. It was nice to chat and relax.

On stage there were six acts including; a burlesque, an opera singer, a comedian and acrobatic. These were truly amazing and it makes you wonder why we have never heard of these names before as their skills certainly should be more promoted but then this is London we are talking about.

For entertainment and a surprisingly good meal Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls would give The Brickhouse:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

3 Stars4 Stars2 Stars

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  1. Thanks for this …. something new and exciting – something different in London and you have scored high. That will be a must for me .. next time in London.

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