Gordon’s Wine Bar

We have been to Gordon’s Wine Bar on numerous occasions and it is becoming more and more popular. Five years ago it was a location hidden away from the city buzz outside of its iron gates, however recently it is becoming more popular with tourists and workers after work. Today we were lucky as we arrived fairly early and it was a lovely spring day so we decided to sit outside.

If you are one of the few who have never been to Gordon’s Wine Bar; it is one of the oldest wine bars in London. It is situated next to the river by Embankment and it is easy to miss if you do not know about it or you see the crowds of people milling outside on the terrace which is situated below street level. The wine bar itself is an underground cellar and it has a nice terrace area that overlooks the park. It is dark and rather moody and the cellar roof drips when it rains. This may sound off putting but it really adds to the atmosphere of this moody hideout. We must emphasise that it is often crowded so it is difficult to get seats especially if the weather is poor outside.

There is a counter where they serve a selection of cold meats, salads and cheese. Our fellow diners chose a cheese board. There is a wide selection of cheeses to choose from and they slice a large wedge of three of your choice. This is served with a large baguette and pickles of your choice. We chose cold salmon with salad, couscous and a tomatoes and feta salad. At the kiosk, you have a large selection and can help yourself. This service suits the laid back wine bar atmosphere.

We then selected our wine from a large and diverse wine list. Recommendations are written on a chalk board and there is a small wooden tub of Olives that you can order, if tempted. Be warned there are no beers or cocktails here (and limited soft drinks- coke and lemonade), which although can be seen as limited we feel it is part of the charm and one of the reasons they receive a lot of customers.

The food is all of good quality; fresh, homemade and generous in its portions. Only those with a very healthy appetite can manage the large baguette and cheese selection for instance. Our chosen meals could have been shared if we had wanted a lighter meal.

Gordon’s is an old fashioned wine bar that is just a wine bar and a wine bar only. When sitting down in the dark candle lit cave or above on the terrace with a deep red Rioja and cheese board, time seems to stop. Despite the crowds who can ask for more on a lazy Sunday evening?

Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls rewards Gordon’s Wine Bar with:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

3 Stars4 Stars2 Stars

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