Salt – Espresso Lunch and Tea bar

Salt, this small little café is located near Covent Garden but before you click off the page now, trust us when we say this is not your typical Covent Garden tourist trap café. This snug little den has two small rooms; the first room is light with a large window at the entrance and is where the till and food are presented and the second room has no windows but is lit by the atmospheric lamps. There are two light large wooden bar tables that run parallel together.

The food on the large display table is the only food they serve but there is quiet a range. There are a selection of cakes including green tea brownies, egg custards and granola bars. There are also an amazing assortment of rustic sandwiches with salamis, French cheese and roasted vegetable. They also serve a daily chorizo and bean stew which comes at the amazing price of £3 and is full of meaty sausages. They also have two salads that are changed daily, which is what we decided to indulge in. Everything is homemade and they have a small number of local supplies that they rely on for their seasonal goods.

We ordered both salads to share. The first salad was a roasted butternut squash, pepper and chorizo salad and the second was a red pepper, red onion and feta salad. Both of these were priced at the ridiculously low price of £3.00 each and they did not disappoint in taste either. The butternut squash was roasted to perfection and the sweetness of the two vegetables matched the spicy more savoury chorizo. The second salad was loaded full of rich feta which its sourness contrasted with the raw red pepper and onion, the texture was a real treat.

We ordered a latte and an Americano. The coffee was made with a traditional Italian espresso machine and was delicious; ‘just like mama used to make’.  We also liked the fact that on the benches they served pitchers of tap water with slithers of cucumber and orange and lemon slices with sprigs of mint.

This place is stylish and for the quality and originality of their food along with the incredibly good price, Salt gets from Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

4 Stars2 Stars3 Stars

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  1. What a coincidence, I just wrote about a café with the same name in Beirut, just two posts ago! I love your pic with the foam! 😉

  2. Covent Garden is one of my favorite spots in London, especially during the summer … so I will look out for this little place. 4 stars is very good for a cafe. So this goes on file. Have a great weekend.

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