The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is one of our all-time favourite brunch locations, located in a small alley in Liverpool Street this places oozes with a East London vibe that is cool, calm and encourages difference. We would recommend to either visit early in the morning or late afternoon to the breakfast club as between 11-2 there is always a huge queue.

The Breakfast Club is almost a 1950’s American diner in style but is not tacky and cheesy. It has a clear London feel that embraces the free thinking and originality of the fashionable 50’s but refuses to put itself in that rather dated and tired trend. As you walk in there are many items that catch your eye ranging from childhood favourites such as those pink haired trolls, English cast Iron train signage to pictures of 70’s risqué film advertisements. The seating area is made up of wooden benches but they are not communal. The benches at the side are separated with metal bars and there are wooden seats in the centre that have old vegetable boxes and foot rests. The simplicity of the furniture allows the brash decor not to be overpowering; a smart move indeed.

We were sat down to our table and offered the brunch menu (the only menu available and served throughout the day). We ordered the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs served with guacamole and our fellow diner ordered the cream and berry pancakes. Our orders were taken by uber trendy waiters and waitress who are far more casual in their style and service than most restaurants but are not casual in their efficiency.  The waitress have their hair in ringlets or scarves wrapped around their head in the 50’s style and some have peekaboo girls tattooed on their arms, which suits them and is charming rather than off putting.

We ordered a pitcher of ‘the red eye’ smoothie which apparently is prefect after a night out. This smoothie is one of our favourites, a mix of berries with crushed ice combined together with creamy yogurt. Sometimes if we visit late we order the mojitos or the bloody Marys which the bar downstairs specialises in (more detail on this later).

Our food was served piping hot and was clearly homemade. We find this place never faults on food quality and unlike most places (especially breakfast bars) the food is made to order, which prevent the warm, greyish quality of most dried out food that has been left for over 5 minutes. Our scrambled eggs are creamy and mountainous on the plate and the smoked salmon is fresh and piled high; quantity is not a problem either. The guacamole is clearly hand crushed, fresh and the creamy texture complements the lightly smoked salmon. Our fellow diners pancakes certainly don’t disappoint either. The four or five pancakes are handmade and piled high. These are traditional American pancakes that are thick yet fluffy in texture. This is served with dollops of thick cream, raspberries and strawberries – seriously how can that disappoint. The fact they go to such lengths for the food quality, style and quantity never fails to amaze us and somehow reflects the brash decor and the simple food that just speaks for itself. This place does not need to pretend it is anything but an amazing Sunday Brunch place that customers can come to for a few hours relaxing, chatting and delaying the Monday morning dread feeling.

As we said there are crowds and so deserved however if you do come after 12pm, customers (if they are in the know) can squeeze past the queues in into the secret bar which you have to enter via a 1950’s Smeg fridge which is subtly located in the café itself. The owners do aim to keep this place a secret so it requires a discreet nudge and wink but the downstairs is an amazing speakeasy bar where you can order the same food as above however drinks are purely for the adults. We will not go on about the secret bar as we will leave this to your intrigue; but please if you do go, do try to be discreet when going in and leaving (you leave via the ‘Janitors cupboard’ and there is a leaflet on the rules of the bar e.g 1. Always exit via the cupboard or 2. Pretend to play with your flies to look as if you have come out of the toilets).

The Breakfast Club speaks for itself; good food quality, generous portions and friendly service just makes this the perfect location for a lazy Sunday afternoon and therefore scores:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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  1. Amazing place … and sometime on Sundays I go out to the market for buying shoes … this will be perfect before returning. So this will go on file – hopefully there will be a visit after I been to USA.

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