We decided to go to Bumpkin restaurant in Stratford Westfield, as this was the last meal we would have before one of us moved home to somewhere more central. This place prides itself on the British produce it has and aims to have the very best quality of seasonal ingredients. As we walked in we were greeted by an array of fresh herbs and plants and with boards explaining what is in season this month. The kitchen is vast at one side of the room and is a centre piece of the room, giving you a good view of what the kitchen staff are doing.

As we said, the menu tries to include as much British ingredients as possible, which is a real treat. We ordered oysters with cocktails to start. The oysters were from Maldon and came on a bed of ice. For this however we did not receive a spoon for the vinegar seasoning or a small fork for the oysters themselves – we were told we would have to use our main course fork.; we think if someone orders oysters for a special occasion the etiquette around these needs to be there.

We ordered cocktails before dinner and then wine with our food but this did not show until halfway through our main course. We did try to get the waiters attention but he seemed to be looking everyway but towards our table. For starters we had mussels with a bacon and cream sauce. This was delicious: light and not too rich. Our fellow diners ordered the spring green risotto, which was made with barley and English cow milk chesses. The texture of the barley alongside the risotto rice was lovely and the milky cheese stood out surprising.

For our main course we ordered fillet steak accompanied with chips in a silver bucket and our fellow diners ordered the chicken pie, all meals were faultless. We were not told that we had sides with this so we ordered vegetables but we soon realised chips were included in the meal; we had far too much food at this point. We know the fact that it came with chips would have likely been on the menu but this really should have been pointed out. The waiter did not ask if we wanted anything else so we expected him to come back with sauces such as mustard etc as we had steak but he never reappeared. We actually had to stand up and wait while the waiter and waitress had finished gossiping so that we could order mustard. Grr!  They even looked rather put out by the request. The food itself was extremely good; our steak was cooked to perfection and was thick and juicy, the pies were light and full of chicken breast meat and soft green vegetables. We ordered English wine (a light Chardonnay as red wine in England is rarely any good we find) and it was light and crisp. The only thing again was that the service even managed to let this down as our wine was only topped up on the first occasion and we had to ask twice to get our water jug topped up.

Finally it took 20 minutes to receive our bill, we again tried to get the attention of a waiter but this seemed futile, in the end we had to wave our hand in the air: which really is ridiculous!

We felt that the service really let the food and the ambiance down, as it would be a truly brilliant place to eat, we really think if the service could be improved this restaurant could be something really great!

Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives Bumpkin:

            Food                       Atmosphere                      Service

3 Stars4 Stars2 Stars

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  1. What a pity that the service spoiled you meal – terrible really. At least if the meal isn’t that good a waiter can save the experience – haven’t been to Westfield yet. Have a great weekend. By the way have you been to Patterson at Mill Street. My favorite in London. http://wp.me/p293Pw-aI

    • It was a great shame, if it wasn’t for the bad service it would have been a relly nice place to visit. Lets hope they read this and use it as contructive criticism as it really is such a shame.

      Have not had the chance to try Patterson’s yet, it really does look and sound lovely. Actually made our stomach rumble 🙂 We shall add this to our list of to do’s

      • Please do … everyone I taken there is over the moon about the place. Their lamb is to die for and the presentation is like art without being silly – you know what I mean.

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