Dim T

Dim T is Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese restaurant based in Pimlico; although not a prolific chain with only three other restaurants around London it has the feel of a large conglomerate chain, service is fast, efficient and the menu is predictable.

The restaurant has light bamboo walls and a small water fountain trickling along one side of the wall. There are hundreds of bamboo chimes across another section. In the summer the doors can be folded open and so that you are along the street.

Like we said this place is not original or authentic but the menu has everything you would expect and want from a Thai/Chinese restaurant. The menu is vast and they cater for diners who are interested in their health with low carb, low GI and low fat options.

We ordered the Thai green curry with coconut rice and our friend ordered the steamed salmon with a miso sauce. The service was efficient (although rather too efficient as we were asked three times if we were ready to order in the space of 5minutes).

Our Thai green curry arrived but we were then told that as the salmon was so thick this would be another 5 minutes. We didn’t want to eat on our own so we stubbornly waited, after 5 minutes the manger came over to ask if we would like this on a hot plate. We agreed to this but we’re unsure why we couldn’t have been offered this option before – or even better that the chefs could have organised their timings better. We realise that in authentic Thai restaurants food does come out as and when it is ready but as we have stated this was hardly an authentic restaurant and we felt it was more of a mistake on the chef’s side. When we were received both meals, we were surprisingly impressed. Our Thai green curry was light and fragrant with Thai aubergines and pink peppercorns thrown into the sauce. The sauce was rich and creamy yet still light. The coconut rice was sticky but not overly damp or dry. The Salmon was thick and meaty although slightly over cooked. This was served in a steamer with bok choy. The miso soup was a rather putrid orange colour; not what we expected from the light miso soups that we have previously enjoy elsewhere; it tasted nice enough but was a little sweet and we could not imagine this being served in the East.

The food is at a better price and quality than most chains but still has the service and atmosphere of a typical eastern chain.

Overall Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls would give Dim T:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

2 Stars2 Stars1 Star

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  1. What a few the place has … London Bridge. Don’t know if you have forgotten to put down the rating stars .. for this place ?? or did you give it 5*

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