The Brick Lane Experience

This review is a little different as we are reviewing all of the Brick Lane restaurants. This seems a little ambitious we know but as the restaurants are around about the same standard and offering this seems less cocky. We are aiming to review the atmosphere per se than the restaurants although that of course is the focus.

If you have never been to Brick Lane; firstly where have you been? It is a street that has literally hundreds of Indian restaurants on either side. Due to the immense competition the waiters stand outside of the restaurants bargaining with you to come in. This does sound rather awkward and unpleasant but we assure you it is all part of the experience and fun. There are some people who do not like bargaining and if you are one of those type of people, Brick Lane is not the place for you as the waiters save only the good deals for those that know the score and the rest are ripped off to make up for this. At the start of the street you are usually offered a starter, main course, side and drink for around £12 but as you walk down battering and comparing the hundred other restaurants that you have spoken to, you get a much better deal. Usually by the time we end up towards the end of the street we are offered poppadoms, a starter, main course, two sides and half a bottle of wine per person for £11. It is worth noting the more of you there are the better the deal.

Once you have chosen your specific location, which is usually rather tired and old fashioned in style, you are seated with a small number of other diners. The food comes out quickly and efficiently and the waiters are always only too pleased to help you choose the right dish to your taste. On this specific occasion we had poppadoms with all the obligatory dips, followed swiftly by tikka salmon. This is a little over cooked and the tikka is dry and clearly was not made from scratch. We then had the lamb balti, which is hot and spicy, though again a little too well done. This was served with mushroom rice and garlic naan. The naan is piping hot and the garlic oil is deeply marinated. The mushroom rice had very little, mushroom and slightly dry but is edible with the balti sauce. With this we had a bottle of red wine, which is surprisingly drinkable

We love Brick Lane for the experience of bartering for the food, for the efficient service and importantly the price. This is great value for money and a real joy if out in the East End. Do not expect the best Indian of your life but do expect the best value for money. The food is good, varied and served with a smile; what more can you ask?

Brick Lane gets from Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

2 Stars4 Stars3 Stars


  1. Yes, I have been pm Brick Lane – visit Petticoat market nearly every time I’m in London – all their fab shoes and for us living on big foot. Have eaten in some of those small restaurants a couple of times, nothing worth writing home about. Have to take for what it is. Found a modern place that I go back to now .. on Whitechapel High Street (I think its), can remember the name. Great post. Have you read my – restaurant itinerary for my US & Canada – (table for one, please)

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