Gilgamesh is based in the edge of the horse market in Camdenand is said to be one of the biggest restaurants in London with five large rooms. This place stands out immediately as it has carved wooden walls both on the inside and exterior. There is an escalator to take you up to the first floor where the bar and restaurant lies. The walls are a dark mahogany colour that has intricate carvings that is so detailed it is almost claustrophobic.

As you walk in you are welcome by a receptionist who asks if you would like the bar or restaurant whilst hardly glancing up; she had the attitude of someone who doesn’t think but knows that you are either a tourist or a not worthy of her attention. We walked into the large restaurant itself which is huge and opulent in design. There are large circular tables around the room which are covered in red tapestry and smaller wooden square tables intertwined throughout. The waiters are far friendlier in the restaurant itself you will be pleased to hear and although the room is large which could be daunting their friendly manner creates a relaxed environment.

We sat on one of the large circle tables that over looked the railway line on one side of the restaurant. This side has large airily windows that are needed in this dark wooden building. On the other side of the room is the large and imposing bar with a concoction of ingredients that are well thought-out.

We both ordered two Chinese cherry champagne cocktails which were delicious. The menu is traditionally Thai although there is sushi and dim sum on the menu too. We ordered the Thai green curry and the Thai spiced lamb ribs.  These both came out efficiently and piping hot. The Thai green curry came out with coconut rice in a small stone pot. The rice was sticky yet not stodgy and the curry was one of the moist authentic curries we have had in the UK to date. It was delicate and fragrant with pink peppercorns, small aubergines and limes. The creamy liquid went well with the sour lime and infused rice. The lamb was served on a slate platter and each rib was sliced delicately. There was spot of green pea and pumpkin puree that lay with the garnish. Both dishes were delicious; fresh, thoughtful and well presented.

This was lunch visit and the small (but pricey) portions suit this perfectly. The food is delicious and unique for this touristy area ofLondon. It is a great place to show visitors as well as a refuge from the hordes in the market below. As a result we give Gilgamesh:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

4 Stars4 Stars2 Stars

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