Caxton Grill

Caxton Grill is based in the luxurious St Ermin’s hotel in St James. We visited this place for a brunch meeting due to its location and high end feel.

As it was early in the day we accessed the restaurant through the grand entrance of the hotel. The hotel is grand in design and has a very 1920’s feel. We were shown to the restaurant which does not mirrored the rest of the hotel as although it is stylish and luxurious it is far more relaxed in style.

We had asked for a table that was secluded away from the other diners and the waiters had ensured that we were at the far end of the restaurant and shielded by large upholstered dressing screens. The table was large and over looked the side road with large white French windows. The restaurant itself was pistachio in colour with white wooden windows and shutters and gold fringed the room giving a light but luxurious feel.

We ordered black coffee as well as green tea, which came in a dainty silver pot. The black coffee was served in large white mugs which was constantly topped up although the waiters did not overly wait on us.

We ordered the Eggs Florentine and Eggs Royale. These came out swiftly and looked delicious. The poached eggs were still runny on the English muffin yet we felt that they could have been cooked for a few seconds less to make the walls of the yolk runny also.  The English muffin could have also been toasted a tad longer. The hollandaise sauce was golden which was a delight and was incredibly packed with loads of flavour; we can honestly say this was the best hollandaise sauce we have ever tasted.

The service was professional and perfect for our brunch meeting requirements. The waiters seemed to instinctively know when to interrupt and when we needed space. The food was delicious although the promptness of the service was, well just that little bit too quick. As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls give the Caxton Grill for a breakfast/brunch location:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

3 Stars3 Stars4 Stars

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  1. Nothing can beat a good hollandaise sauce – have stayed on this hotel, but I never had breakfast or any meals. Stunning hotel and lush rooms.

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