Gordon Ramsey’s Bread Street Kitchen

Bread Street Kitchen is located in St Pauls in the same complex as the amazing Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa. This place has a similar feel to Barbecoa and is a far cry from the classical and traditional style of Ramsey’s.

The dining room is large on one floor with white walled tiles with green coloured leather upholstered chairs. There is a large wooden bar that has desserts and a range of cold savoury dishes on the side and a tarnished steel gallery above which holds a magnificent wine selection stored behind see through green glass.

We sat facing the large open window which happened to look out onto a large building and was rather a let-down compared to Barbecoa which has the most stunning views of St Paul’s Cathedral. The menu has a selection of dishes that are under a selection of headings including raw, hot kitchen and wood stone. We started with a crisp English white wine and ordered our starters. We ordered the King crab and apple cocktail with pink peppercorns and as well as the potted beef. We have to say we were a little disappointed with our king crab cocktail as it looked like a 1970’s prawn cocktail served in a fountain glass bowl and the meat did not look un-prawn like. On a good note it did taste much better than it looked as the crab was thick and juicy and the dressing was creamy and covered the iceberg lettuce, slices of apple and peppercorns. The flavour of the peppercorns was a little too subtle and overall we though the dish lacked flavour. In our opinion it was a well over priced prawn cocktail. The potted beef was a much safer choice. The beef came out in a ceramic ramekin and had a deep golden crust of butter in and around the roughly mixed beef. This was served with a slice of thick bread and salad garnish.

For the main course we ordered the seared loin of yellow fin tuna with a sesame, soya and shallot dressing, fennel, coriander salad and steamed bass, braised leeks, razor clams, samphire, shellfish dressing. Now, this is where things get good. The tuna was perfectly seared so that it was almost raw and red in the centre. The meat actually melted in the mouth and the green coriander dressing oozed into the meats pores. The herb salad was out of this word and it was even possible to identify the individual herbs and they seemed so intense it was beautiful to the sense. The Steamed bream was just as good. It was cooked perfectly and still slightly opaque in the centre. The samphire was salty and tender although possibly over cooked. The shellfish sauce was light yet creamy and complemented the dish. We ordered young new potatoes in butter and onion coleslaw to accompany the dishes. The coleslaw had a thick sickly dressing that hide the flavour of the deliciously fresh vegetables.

Although there were parts of the meal we feel could be executed better this is the first Ramsey’s restaurant that proves that he is less worried about style and presentation and more about food quality and taste. The portion size were much bigger than the other restaurants that he owns and was as rustic as we can imagine Ramsey could be.

Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls awards Bread Street Kitchen:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

5 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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  1. A wonderful review … and I’m so pleased that … he has gone away from the stiff and stuffed – gone more relaxed. This is going to be a MUST for me next time. Like the read about that Tuna. Because Ramsey was before a hit or miss plus it cost an arm and a leg.

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