Dean Street Townhouse

We have had Dean Street Townhouse on our ‘to do list’ for quite some time and have always been put off by their set menu, but after the numerous recommendations we received we finally decided to take our chances.

The outside of the building looks like a grand town house; white and imposing. Numerous tables lined along a thin terrace which looks very inviting in the summer with indulgent lunch time drinkers sipping golden wine on a weekday.

As you walk inside the room takes a darker turn with royal blue wall paper and elegant paintings and sketches along the walls. The bar takes up a large part of the room and the room takes a c-curve around it. There is another dining room attached that is in a similar style.

We were greeted by a suited waiter in a black suit and slim black tie. He took us to our table by the wall. We planned to have the set menu that has three dishes for each course to choose from. To start we were given fresh, piping hot bread with butter that literally melted at the sight of the bread.

We ordered a selection of starters, the buttered lettuce, ham hock salad and the potted beef. The salad was light and surprisingly tasty for a simple salad and the ham had clearly been home cooked and was sliced in thick wedges. The potted beef consisted of perfect cube sized beef and was served with scorched bread. Both were delicious and generously portioned.

For the main course we ordered the mackerel with new potatoes and buttered green beans. The fish came out filleted without a single bone. The skin looked like a puddle that had been tainted with petrol oil – which is only found on the freshest mackerel skin. The potatoes were delicious and green vegetables tender though served with a little too much butter for our liking. We also ordered the minced meat and potatoes which sounds so simple but it was truly the best dish of the meal. Although so simple it tasted divine. There was a real depth in the flavour, deep and rich, with tomatoes, red wine and onion undertones. This was served with large boiled potatoes on the side. The portion size of both these dishes was generous in the extreme and we could not face desert.

We loved the grand decor of this town house along with the cool professional waiters that suited this smart elegant restaurant. It is strange to think this place is situated in the heart of brash and lively Soho because once you stand inside you are transported back to a previous time where life was much more formal and slower paced and as a result more social in this formality. Dean Street Townhouse:

Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

5 Stars5 Stars4 Stars

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  1. Really like this review and you got me very interested in this place. I thought Dean Street was somewhere around Green Park .. but I was wrong. This is a MUST for me next time I hit London. Now is the Big Apple close. Have a fantastic trip and please let me know about your food adventures.

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