The Princess of Shoreditch

We have heard mixed reviews about The Princess of Shoreditch although the à la carte menu seems to be popular we have heard there has been a lack of continuity with the Sunday lunches.

The Princess of Shoreditch is an old fashioned pub spread over two floors. The first floor is a large pub that serves casual food and has a large bar in one corner. The walls are a grey colour, giving a and light and airy feel to the place. We had an aperitif of champagne before we went upstairs to the more formal dining room.

To go to the dining room on the first floor, customers need to climb an Iron spiral staircase that is located in the corner of the pub opposite the bar and is in cased in glass.

The dining room above is smaller and is in an L shape. It is far more formal yet the same colour scheme throughout. We were shown to our table which had crisp white table cloth and napkins. The service is professional, knowledgeable yet friendly which is different to downstairs which is far more casual and chatty.

We started with the Pinot Noir whilst browsing the menu. Eventually we ordered black pudding with scallops and a ham hock salad for starters. This was served promptly and was fair in portion. The scallops were meaty, juicy and perfectly cooked with an opaque tint to the centre which married well with the deep hearty black pudding and cut through the richness of the meat. The ham hock salad was elegant on the plate with the tender ham flaked throughout with a rich butter and pea dressing.

For the main course we both ordered the venison which came with a creamy potato puree and delicately steamed baby carrots. We ordered spinach to go with this. The venison was pink in the centre was truly delicious. It was served with a deep chocolaty gravy that was intensely rich. The puree was light and complimented the meaty dish. The spinach was seasoned to perfection and well cooked. There is nothing worse than watery overcooked spinach.

Princess of Shoreditch is a flexible place that is ideal for casual lunches or special occasions as well. For service, food quality and overall choice we think The Princess of Shoreditch deserves:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

3 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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