Souk Bazaar

Souk Bazaar can be found in a narrow alley of Covent Garden and we never fail to get lost trying to find it. When you do eventually find this place, you will walk into a courtyard with Mediterranean style tiles and ivory and grape vines dancing above your head. There are soft cushion seats where people are smoking Shisha and even before entering the actual restaurant you feel as though you have entered a souk market. The restaurant itself has five rooms. A large airy room in the centre that has a stained glass roof, a downstairs sofa area, a smaller sofa room that is tented and a private room for parties that overlooks the large dining room in the centre. The fact that this place is like a warren with many dens makes the place feel more traditional as you can imagine the markets in Morocco that have many different inlets and paths.

We were seated at our table in the large dining room which felt almost like a courtyard. The waiter immediately came over to us and was incredibly friendly and helpful. We decided to go for the Souk banquet that gave you a pre-set selection of dishes that allowed you to try dishes you may not normally have chosen as well this it was also unlimited which is brilliant if you have a party of hungry diners, the portion size were generous in comparison to other places we have tried but since it was unlimited this really wouldn’t have been an issue if they had been smaller portions.

Just as we had placed our order, the pleasant waiter came over and offered to move us to the tented cushioned area in the next room which were far more comfortable and traditional. We started off with humous, pitta and a herb cheese salad with vine leaves. Each dish was served on a clay blue and white dish that added to the rustic feel. The potion size was large and the humous was deliciously rich and chunky. The herb salad however seemed to lack flavour and tasted more of the olive oil that it was swimming in. For main course we shared a chicken tagine with a saffron and herb dressing, a tagine of chickpeas, cumin and harissa sauce and couscous and steamed vegetables. The food came out swiftly and was served along with the starter so that we could add these dips and salads to our main meal if desired.

Feeling stuffed our plates were swiftly taken away and we were served with a silver tray full of caramelised baklava, what’s better than a naughty treat towards the end of the meal. To lighten this rather rich meal we were served with mint tea. The freshness of the tea was appreciated by all and it was a delicious way to end the meal. Well, we thought it was the end of the meal, just as we were about to ask for the bill a belly dancer swished into the room and danced to the delight of the diners. Very impressive we must say.

Although lacking in finesse, for atmosphere, charm and wholesome food Souk Bazaar is a little gem in the heart of Covent Garden. We give Souk Bazaar:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

3 Stars4 Stars2 Stars

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