We went to this exclusive Mayfair club/restaurant after a rather boozy night out on cocktails. We usually try to avoid restaurants that are also clubs – no matter how ‘exclusive’ and how many celebrities often attend as we find them overpriced, flashy yet lacking in substance. Anyway, our friend suggested this place and as we have not dinned out in Mayfair for a good couple of months we thought we would oblige.

Hush  is located in a beautiful small alley that leads into a courtyard. The restaurant flows out into the courtyard in the summer months and is very quaint, with tented roof, fairy lights and grape vines surrounding the area. The main restaurant has a large bar at one end of the room and has upholstered green leather seats that curve around to give privacy. We would definitely suggest only going to this place in the summer to make the most of the courtyard area.

We walked up the spiral staircase to the cocktail bar which is far more intimate and hosts a second bar dedicated to cocktails. Instead of sitting on the plush velvet seats we decided to sit on the wooden stools on the bar and watch the cocktail makers while we chatted. The cocktails were good with a few original cocktails thrown in there.

Once our table was ready we went down to the courtyard and stay outside in the summer air. We were seated quite close to other diners which was a little uncomfortable, you would expect more space when sitting outside. We were seated under a heater. We chose a bottle of Bordeaux (probably not the best idea after the amount of cocktails we had already consumed – we would try to count them but we would probably revisit the headache we got the day after, ouch!). We ordered the crab and avocado salad and our friend ordered the pea soup. The crab salad was small and consisted of very little meat and therefore little texture in it. It did look beautiful however like a lime green and pink tower. It was a mixture of spring lettuce, avocado, creamy dressing and crab that had been put in a mould and arranged on a plate, however the beauty of the dish did not make up for flavour. The soup was untouched by our friend, as they felt a little woozy after the amount of cocktails we had, but don’t worry you can rely on us to be on form and we can confirm that the soup was a little watery and had a bitty texture that was not at all pleasant.

For the main course we ordered the whole lobster with taglierini with a tomato and chilli sauce. We had expected a whole dressed lobster with a side of a light fresh pasta salad but disappointingly this was not the case. We were served with a huge bowl of thin angel hair pasta in a thick and tasteless sauce. Pieces of lobster were scattered over the top but it was hardly whole and looked more like crayfish tails if you asked us..

Throughout, the service was swift and polite, we were given everything we needed but not over serviced which was refreshing from a Mayfair establishment (even a semi-nightclub).

For the location, al fresco dining and cocktail bar this place deserves a few stars but the lack of taste and though in the food lets this place down despite its attention to the presentation. It just proved our original theory that exclusive nightclubs that have restaurants are flashy and a nice place to go for a few drinks or nibbles but not worth the money for the food quality. Hush gets:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

3 Stars4 Stars3 Stars

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  1. Bleh, this exactly the kind of places I hate going to. Give me cheap, unpretentious, consistantly delicious, made-with-soul food any day. Sometimes I think so fondly on my favourite restaurants and wish they would bump up their prices a little bit if it means they never go out of business. We have to support the good ones.

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