We chose to go to Hix more on a whim than anything. After a few cocktails with colleagues we decided that we would go for a few extra on our own. After starting to feel a little peckish (not to mention tipsy) we wanted to go somewhere that was typically English yet had a reputation for being stylish with of course good food. We had never been to Hix in Soho before but heard mixed reviews (either great or not living up to expectations).

As it was short notice, the only table available was at the bar in the restaurant so we squeezed in between a rather loud American lady and a young couple who were currently in a rather embarrassing public display of affection.

Hix in Soho is similar in style to Mark Hix’s other restaurants – downplayed with small but well-chosen details that allows the food to speak for itself. Hix seems to be always busy and there is often a queue at the reception. The restaurant has tiled floor and walls with a simple but stylish bar at the front of the room which also has oysters and a large leg of Serrano ham on the counter. We ordered cocktails that were served in two small potion like bottles placed in a bowl of ice. It was delicious and beautifully presented.

We started with a dozen oysters that were served on a bed of ice (right at this point we have to admit that the last person we spoke to who went here was ill after having the oysters but in our defence we did point this out to our friend and we agreed that it would be worth it). These were delicious and not a trace of norovirus in sight.

For main course, we ordered the hanger steak with baked bone marrow. Served on bright white plates and were passed over our shoulders as we were still squeezed between the other increasingly annoying diners. The problem with sitting by the bar is that the service was simple to say the least; basically the waiters had no choice other than to subtly make their presence known as they were behind our backs.

The steak was thin but cooked to our taste; rare, the others medium rare. The small marrow bone had been mixed with crumbs and placed back in the bone. Now, we prefer marrowbone either simply grilled or if the restaurant insists on including bread crumbs simply sprinkled on top and then grilled. By mixing it with the marrow it had a soggy sponge like texture that was not particularly appetising and there was a strong garlic and parsley flavour that overpowered the marrow flavour.

By the time we had finished most of the diners had left and there was a much needed calmer atmosphere and the restaurants décor could be appreciated. The lamps were unique, made of fish in blocks of glass styled like a chandelier and the French windows were opened so that they were on street level to the bustling Soho Street.

For style, menu design and atmosphere Hix is great. The food is well executed although a little over thought. Hix gets:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

3 Stars5 Stars4 Stars

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