Banana Tree

Banana Tree is based in Soho and looks rather ubiquitous from all the other bland Soho restaurants. It is an Indo Chinese restaurant that prides itself on its unique taste and fast turn around.

We were quickly led to a small wooden table like something you would see in a school canteen. The restaurant is stark white and has black and white photos enlarged on one wall.

We ordered the grilled pork and the Thai green curry. These came out promptly. The grilled meat is their specialty and this comes with rice and peas and a small Indo/Chinese herb salad. The meat is slightly overcooked but still juicy, its grilled so still fairly healthy. The Thai green curry came out light green which was packed with vegetables  i.e. butternut squash and spicy aubergines. This was delicious and clearly freshly made from scratch. We ordered coconut rice with this which was sticky though lacking of any coconut.

The service was fast paced but we did not feel rushed. Our plates were speedily taken away after the waiters had registered that we had finished and enjoyed our meal; when you want quick, healthy affordable food and you are stuck for ideas of where to dine in Soho then this is one to recommend.

As a result of transparency of food and service deliverables we would give Banana Tree:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

2 Stars1 Star2 Stars

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Square Meal

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