The Folly


We have been to the sister company of The Folly, The Drift in Liverpool Street which has the same décor and feel but is far busier so it cannot pull off the relaxed vibe it should ooze. We visited The Folly for a relaxed lunch as it is situated literally outside of Mansion House tube station which was our meeting point.

The Folly is a large restaurant that aims to be relaxed with a summer garden feel, which is emphasised by the décor. All the tables are made out of pine that has not been shaped into a perfect square. On the tables are pots of herbs in clay pots and the walls have fake grass and empty glass milk bottles for wall features.

The menu has a wide selection of homemade, English summer dishes. On the chalk boards are the specials menus which are usually a good bet and often quite unusual. In the corner of the restaurant is a raised platform with a garden terrace feel, there are swing chairs as well as old comfy sofas for those just having drinks. There is also a downstairs area but we did not get the chance to see what this was like. We ordered the apple, asparagus, courgette and rocket and hazelnut salad as well as the sea bass with a coriander and lemon marinade and fish and chips.

We ordered an unusual cocktail that was on the specials board. We cannot remember the name but consisted of gin, cherry liquor, elderflower cordial and sours. It was served in a wide whisky glass served with a frozen plum floating in the glass. It was delicious and a firm favourite of the day.

Our dishes came out and we have to say presentation never fails to be unusual and fitting to the relaxed, garden feel. The fish and chips were served on a plank of wood with the sauces served in white and blue miniature buckets. The sea bass was served in a grease proof paper bag and the salad was served in a colander! The colander! Was bright red and looked really impressive, the only thing was that as it was placed on the table with high walls it was hard for us to see over the rim so we had to lean over just to be able to see what you were eating. The salad we have to say was amazing; we rarely eat salads at restaurants as we feel we can whip these up ourselves but this was so good. The sweet apple went really well with the grilled courgette and the bitter hazelnut sell. There was a perfect amount of dressing – just enough to coat the vegetables but not dripping – which was lucky as it was served in basically a large bowl with holes.

For desserts we ordered crème brulees which came out speedily and was served with the perfect crack. We would say that the creamy mixture was rather thin and needed to be deeper in the ramekin but was well caramelised and rich.

The Folly for a relaxed, casual lunch is perfect place and outshines its sister restaurant The Drift. Although in an odd location and sometimes a little too quirky this is a nice place to relax with friends but not necessarily on our top evening dinner choice due to its light summery feel. Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls thinks The Folly deserves:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

3 Stars3 Stars2 Stars


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  1. Happy New Year to you first of all … this I like everything about – haven’t been over in London for ages .. now when I don’t work anymore. Thanks for sharing and this goes on file.

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