We chose the Tramshed for my birthday, one because of its location (near some of my favourite cocktail bars) and also as I was semi-disappointed with the last Hix restaurant but this seemed to be more what I had originally expected.

The restaurant is one large white room; it looks something like an old butchers or meat market (probably is) and there is a long bar on one side of the room made of light wood. The floor is light wood and in the centre is a large pillar with a Damien Hurst esk piece of art that is a cow in brine.

We were lead onto a platformed area and were seated overlooking the restaurant. The menu which had attracted me was very simple; basically steak or chicken. There are a variety of different steaks to choose and a roast chicken option. The waiters were knowledgeable saying the size of the steak compared to our appetite and suggesting the best way this is to be cooked; rare, medium and of course my favourite, blue.

For starter we shared a platter of prawn cocktail, sprouting broccoli in butter and pate. Although a rather unusual combination for a starter, they worked really well. The rich pate was lightened with the delicate and refreshing prawns and the broccoli added a rich irony favour that emphasised the rich meat in the other dishes. The small dishes were served on a large wooden board and looked incredibly indulgent yet rustic. The only thing I would say is the prawns could have been the large tiger prawns instead of the smaller prawns but then again this probably would be too meaty (even for me).  

We ordered a bottle of malbec which was deep and delicious, going perfectly with the meaty dishes. The service was faultless, the starters were swiftly swept away and wine and water was topped up.

For main course I went for the 400g steak, yes it was really massive and yes I finished it all. The only criticism of the menu was that you had the option of 250g or 400g. The 250g was too small for my appetite but the 400g a little too big. Anyway you will never hear me moaning about too much food! The steak came out on a wooden board already sliced. I asked for mine blue and my fellow dinner ordered theirs rare, and they were both perfect. Probably the best steak I have had since starting this blog. It was perfectly cooked, which is unusual if asking for it blue. I often find they slightly over cook this so it is rare. It was melt in the mouth despite its size. We ordered spinach and roasted parsnip and carrots as a side. Both were well seasoned, and quite salty – I know not everyone agrees that vegetables should be well salted but it’s a preference of mine despite the health concerns.

The service was fast paced but not rushed or intrusive which is what we wanted for a special birthday dinner. I cannot recommend this place enough and although seemingly expensive the limited choice of food is all incredible and worth the money. I cannot believe a steak could taste that good. Tramshed gets from Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

5 Stars5 Stars4 Stars

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  1. Wonderful …. it reminds me about the Publican in Chicago … love this setup and the space. Don’t know about that stuffed cow, but its a bit quirky. Happy birthday by the way .. and I glad that big beef tasted great.

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