Bill’s Soho

Bill’s has a very unattractive name especially for an Italian cafe/restaurant but there you have it. We found this little gem when scouring for a simple yet tasty brunch location in Soho. After rejecting a couple of options due to lack of service, flexibility or limited menu we stumbled upon Bill’s. Bill’s (despite the name) is an Italian cafe/restaurant in a side street of Soho. Along with the name the window decorations do not do this place any favours as they block the beautifully rustic Italian interior.

As we walked in we were welcomed to an almost deli type atmosphere as Bill’s produces its own juices, canned and stored produce. This is stored in one corner of the restaurant which is large and spacious with tough wooden tables that hold up to 12 people if necessary. The walls are full of dried peppers and garlic and the bar has a leg of Serano ham placed on the side for decoration.

We were greeted by two friendly waiters and one of them placed us by the window. This place is busting despite its outwards looks and as I said is a gem clearly favoured by locals. We sat by the window watching the world go by and were asked out order by a very chatty waiter. Usually overly friendly waiters etc annoy me (I am British after all) but this was a a light relief from the OTT or the pretentious service found in London recently. I ordered scrambled eggs, salmon and mushrooms, which came out creamy and delicious. The salmon was fresh although I prefer larger field mushrooms that are grilled rather than fried in oil. My friend ordered the porridge; which although sounds rather dull looked and tasted delicious. It came out in a steamy bowl with banana, blueberries and nuts topped off (I have to say I had food envy). The other friend in our party ordered the French toast, which came out thick and not overly rich (which most breakfast French toast can suffer from). There was a light cream served with strawberries blueberries and raspberries that cut through the richness of the dish and a nice little detail was that the chefs had folded walnuts through the cream for an added surprise.

As well as selling their products the team at Bill’s make up Italian hampers which do look lovely (making a note of this for Christmas presents for my foodie friends). Please do not be deceived by the name, window displays, location… or logo come to mention it because as soon as you walk in the atmosphere is authentic in its Italian influence. The waiters (although mostly English) are pleasant and friendly and the food is delicious and plentiful. As a breakfast or brunch location Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls would give Bill’s:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars  


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