Blue Lagoon

blue lagoon

I have a Tastecard and heard that the Blue Lagoon, a Thai restaurant in Piccadilly, is a real bargain with the card, so we decided to give it a try. This Thai is in the heart of Piccadilly but is not obvious; to be honest it looks more like a living room unless you know. We chose the set menu as this was supposed to be the deal with the tastecard and allowed us to try a selection of Thai dishes that we wouldn’t normally order but apparently this was no longer available with the Tastecard. This was a bit annoying as one of the reasons for our visit.

Instead we ordered a Thai platter to share, this included prawn toast, spring rolls, Thai sausages (which were little red sausages) fish cakes and jumbo prawns. This was nice as we could try a selection of Thai options and share in a sociable manner. The whole platter was just greasy – really that’s how i would describe it. The toast was like eating deep fried cardboard, the fish cakes were more batter than substance and the prawns were too oily. However the sausages were delicious and all the food (although oily) was tasty with light spices.

For main course we both ordered the Thai green curry with lemon and mushroom rice. This was delicious although lacked depth and intensity. I have had green Thai curries that have deep spices, pickled aubergines and a creamy texture but this really was average. I have to admit, it did taste like a green Thai curry but it was watery, lacking in vegetables and therefore lacked depth.

The service here is faultless; typically Thai – polite, eager and familiar – yet this cannot make up for the lack of quality in the food. The restaurant itself looks like a living room and somewhat a letdown yet this can often work in its favour. You know local, honest and hearty but although the service was adorable (yes I said adorable) the food was greasy and lacking in complexity. Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives the Blue Lagoon:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service 

2 Stars1 Star1 Star 


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