We have always quiet fancied Momo in Heddon Street, a high end Moroccan restaurant that is owned by the people who created Sketch. This restaurant is tucked in a corner off a side street of Regent street and has trees covering the outside seating area which, had couples smoking shisha.

As you push open the heavy wooden doors you have a sense that you are walking into a slower pace of life than the one outside bustling in Regent Street. The restaurant has a cream stone wall that looks almost like a cave with windows and doorways carved out. The seats have Arabic materials covering the stools and poofs and the cutlery and glasses are very elegant and in keeping with the theme. We were seated at the side of the room which was incredibly hard to get around to the other side as the tables were so close to the benches and there was no room to squeeze in between tables. We managed to finally squeeze through without knocking anything over and we were quickly asked if we would like to order champagne, which we did. I usually find it patronising when they ask if we would like to order champagne but to be honest we did so can’t complain this time.

We decide to order a selection of starters (in a tapas inspired way) as this was a light lunch to be followed by drinks elsewhere. We ordered chicken bourek which was a delicious spring roll type thing. It has the hint of honey and almond and the crisp wrap complimented the meaty soft chicken inside. We ordered Tuna tartare which was served with shallots, ginger & cucumber salad, this came out in a tower with thick chunks of raw tuna that melted in the mouth. One of my favourite dishes was the octopus served with roasted peppers, smoked paprika & warm potatoes. This came out in a rich thick sauce and was lightly spiced so that it did not dominate the octopus flavour. Octopus is so easy to get wrong but this was in just the right bite size pieces that were not off putting to look at and was incredibly tender and not chewy in the slightest. We also ordered humous that was served with pitta bread and was topped with small pieces of lamb that added a heartier feel to the dish.

The dishes came out swiftly by two waiters who brought the food out on a huge silver tray. Our glasses were constantly topped up with water and we were asked consecutively if we wanted more champagne after we had drained the last of the previous drink but not before.

As I said at the start this place has a timeless feel to it and it would be easy to spend the whole afternoon there nibbling on the tasty morsels. It is cosy yet über stylish which is a hard combination top pull off, but Momo have done it therefore they deserve:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

4 Stars5 Stars3 Stars

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  1. Have only eaten on a Moroccan restaurant once and that was is in Bristol and the food was fantastic and so was the interior design. Tried to find the name .. but can’t find it … maybe it doesn’t excite anymore witch is a shame. It’s very good. Wonderful review … here.

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