El Camino

el camino

I am going to keep this short because all you need to know is not to go to El Camino; that is Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls recommendation to you. (Sorry, we cannot provide you with a link as this restaurant doesn’t even have a website, say no more…) Ok, we will expand a tiny bit just to justify ourselves:

The reason we decided to go to this place is because we have been to the downstairs bar; which although tatty and cluttered suited a scruffy underground Mexican bar – and the Margaritas were good. We walked in and although there was literally just one other customer, we were told by a slack waitress that we could sit at one particular table but would have to leave in an hour (we stayed there a good three quarters of an hour and only one couple came to dine at the restaurant. The waitress had an air of nonchalance and clearly wanted to be somewhere else. We were seated in the restaurant, which is basically one room with benches lining one side of the room with wooden school tables and two stalls on the other side. There is no real Mexican atmosphere with the beige painted walls giving off no sense of festive Mexico and the plastic green, red and yellow table covers did it no favours what so ever!

We looked at the menu which had no starters, just burritos, tacos or enchiladas along with a few nibbles such as nachos with cheese, olives or nuts. At this point reader obviously I was already grabbing my coat ready to leave but the person we were dining with was feeling faint and needed to eat something quite quickly (people who know us will know we are not the most sympathetic people in the world and yes we did tut but the fact is, it was partly our fault as we had dragged this person around London and she was quite tired). So we decided to stay, we asked the waitress, who was standing there and occasionally cleaning or moving the same table over and over again if it was possible to get a smaller portion of the main courses for starter and she explained this was not company policy and therefore not possible. She tried to explain to our table what the difference was with the three dishes I mentioned above but made us all the more confused for it (even I was confused and I knew before walking into this place what burritos, tacos and enchiladas kind of were).

In the end we ordered a sharing platter of fish burritos. A large dinner plate came out served with floured mini tortillas, which had three different fish sitting on a murky green dollop of avocado. Needless to say it was disgusting; the tasteless avocado had made the tortillas soggy, the three types of fish were unrecognisable both in looks and taste (we think it was salmon, mackerel and an unknown white fish but still unsure). It was tasteless and looked like a five year old could have created this uninspiring dish. Needless to say we didn’t finish the meal and asked swiftly for the bill – even our friend who had needed the food said she would have rather risked fainting in hindsight. One last moan; the bill was way over priced for the platter that we had even if it was half tasty. There was not a Mexican feel or flavour in the restaurant itself, the staff or even the food. All was bland, tasteless and certainly not up to standard. Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls does not think El Caminos deserves any stars. Nul Point

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

0 Star0 Star0 Star


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  1. I have eaten there before and agree that it is not worthy of a visit. Overpriced and uninspiring food. Lackluster service. Never again!

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