Galvin at Windows


We have heard mixed reviews of Galvin at Windows, a Michelin restaurant located in the London Hilton on Park Lane; overpriced, two years unfashionable and on the other scale fabulous food. The only thing we have found people tend to agree on is the amazing views. Galvin at Windows is set on 28th floor of the Hotel so I made sure I asked for a window seat.

As you arrive from the elevator you are welcomed by a reception, with the bar to the left and the restaurant to the right. The bar overlooks Mayfair and is light and airy and exudes sophistication. The bar follows this theme with a raised area in the centre making up the most of the tables and then tables surrounding the raised area by the windows. The tables on the lower levels have the best views out of the windows but the raised levels do offer views from the raised height.

We came here for a lunch and as I said we managed to get one out of the two tables that faces forward over Hyde Park, it was Christmas and the Hyde Park Christmas market was on which I thought was an eye sore but I really don’t like that market so I may be biased.

We sat on the circular table with its crisp white linen table cloth and were served with a selection of just baked bread rolls in a metal bowl and salted butter on a slate plate. We chose from the lunch time menu rather than the a la carte as it was lighter for lunch as well as being better for the purse.

We ordered the mushroom veloute with marinated roasted mushrooms and a poached quail egg in the centre. This was served in a bowl and the mushroom veloute was poured over by the swarve waiters with the ubiquitous restaurant hand behind back. The veloute had an intense mushroom flavour that had real depth. The poached egg sat on the top like a jewel and when touched by the fork a striking golden river ran out. When digging into this delightful liquid, pieces of the roasted mushroom would join the mix and add additional depth and texture. It was just faultless.

For main course we ordered the Celeriac & chestnut délice, green apple, wild mushrooms and smoked celeriac jus. Before you raise your eyebrows, those who often read our posts, I know this was a pure vegetarian choice and I promise it was not forced on me. The vegetarian options just seemed so tempting with as much depth and thought than the meat options- if not more. This is incredibly unusal especially in fine dining restaurants where picky eaters are welcomed with a smirk by chefs. So I can say that this was probably the only time I have eaten a complete vegetarian meal when going out to a half decent restaurant. Anyway back to the food.

This dish was also served in a bowl and has a celeriac and chestnut délice, which was almost like pate served wrapped in a cabbage leaf the shape of a cricket ball. This was served in an apple, mushroom and celeriac sauce which was incredibly delicate and light. The mellow flavours ensured nothing was taken from the wrapped cabbage creation yet had subtle hints of sour apple, earthy mushroom and creamy celeriac. All of the dishes look like pieces of art work; small, delicate and every single ingredient with a set place on the plate. Just fabulous.

The meal was accompanied by a crisp Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, which lent itself well with the vegetarian dishes. We ended the meal with espressos and handmade chocolates and marshmallows.

Throughout the service was perfect, to the point that things seemingly were delivered and taken away invisibly. The view was amazing (even with the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park) and I really do recommend you ask for the window views even though this is not guaranteed, it really did make the meal.

We left satisfied in every way; food, quality, service, location, atmosphere and despite the small portions full. So despite the mixed reviews Galvin at Windows is awarded top ratings at:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

Galvin at Windows

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  1. Been there …. quite a few years ago … and it the food was fantastic. So I’m glad that they are keeping their standards – it’s one of the most expensive hotels in London, so … they must I suppose.
    The most expensive single room in London – and it’s without breakfast – you will get at Hilton Park Lane.

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