Boisdale of Bishopsgate

boisdale bishopsgate

The original Boisdale (and arguably the best) is based in Victoria but we were invited to the Liverpool Street Boisdale that opened only a few weeks earlier. We walked through the little alleyway into the restaurant. It is situated underground and in true Boisdale style is dark and cosy.

We booked at late notice but still had a fantastic seating location right next to the piano with an East end hipster playing jazz songs on the piano.

The reception sits at the bottom of the stairs and guests are showed through the door to the long slim restaurant. We were seated at a white clothed table with candles, this is the perfect cigar bar or romantic restaurant.

For starter we both ordered the Cornish crab, this came out swiftly and was served in a quinel. It was creamy, juicy and light. We ate this with brown wholemeal bread that was pre-sliced. This was not freshly baked but was still a delicious starter.

After we had washed the starter down with copious amounts of Malbec we were served with our main course. The fillet of steak was ordered rare and blue – the latter option for me. We ordered green beans as a side which were necessary as I don’t eat chips and the side salad was a few leaves of watercress. My steak was delicious and just melted in the mouth. It was pure steak with absolutely no gristle or fat to be seen.  Just delicious.

We drained our wine glasses and left satisfied, with a belly full of great tasting, good quality, well cooked food. The service was pleasant and atmosphere intense, dark and comforting. Despite its stiff white-collar waiters and crisp white table cloths this place is incredibly relaxing and a great place for good food, company and music (if you like piano and jazz of course). Sex Drugs and bacon Rolls gives Boisdale:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

4 Stars5 Stars4 Stars

boisdale rib-eye-steak

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