Cabana – revisited


We were encouraged to try Cabana again to see if our critical review was justified so we felt obliged to give it another shot. Again the restaurant was fairly empty although it was a Sunday but the décor and atmosphere was bold and enticing.

The waiters were just as welcoming and helpful as we remembered last time, if not more so. We have to give it to the staff training here; diners really do feel looked after.

Last time we dined here we were disappointed with the food quality and starter options. The choice of starters had not differed and we were not keen on any so to give a fair view we decided to skip this course and go straight to the main. We realise this is slightly unfair as we cannot criticise a whole course but they just were not to our taste. We feel that the starters are too heavy and lacking thought and sophistication but maybe they are trying to replicate the hearty Brazilian style (it doesn’t work if they are).

For main course we ordered the same as last time Chicken skewers, beef skewers and some additional lamb with artichoke and pork and chorizo skewers. We had half a skewer each so that we could share. This time the meat was much more chunky and tender. Last time we found the meat shrivelled as if it had been on the grill far too long waiting for the next diner to order it. Last time the steak was one of our biggest issues and we are pleased to say that on this occasion the steak skewer was literally a piece of steak on a skewer; not shrivelled, tough and grisly but a well-cooked iron steak.

We ordered rice, black beans and green vegetables with this. We thought this may be too much but as we had not ordered starter we hoped it would not be too filling. We were pleased we did as the sides are rather small although quite cheap reflecting this. We did think however this should have been communicated buy the waiter. The waiter explained to us again about the red and green card that we could flip over if we did decide to eat more meat. The trouble with this is that if you decide you want more you would have to wait a while and it would work out quite expensive unlike Rodizio where it is all included albeit for a slightly higher fee.

To drink we had a delicious apple and mint iced tea that was so good I could be converted to T-totalism (well ok maybe an exaggeration but it was really good) much better than the sweet sticky cocktails they serve with a small trace of alcohol.

This place has fast, welcoming service which would be hard to beat. However the food, although improved in quality, was hardly exciting and a little steep if you wanted seconds. This place has gone up in our estimations certainly but we wouldn’t go out of our way to eat here again. As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives Cabana a revised score of:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars

cabana skewers

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