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We went to Côte as we wanted to treat a friend for their birthday so we wanted somewhere affordable yet stylish. We chose Côte in Soho as it was centrally located and they did a pre-theatre option that had a simple yet well thought out Parisian menu.

Côte is located on Wardour Street, and squeezed subtly in between two other restaurants. From the outside it has a grey and white stripped canvas roof pulled over the street in front. We walked through the small entrance and were sat by the window. In the summer the windows open out on to the street reiterating the Parisian theme. The restaurant is basically one room but is split by a wooden frame.

Although unfair to call it a chain, Côte has a number of restaurants throughout London but all really do have a Parisian feel to them with chairs outside in the summer, and a casual mentality.

We were seated by English waiters (not French unfortunately) who were pleasant and professional. We ordered smoked salmon with capers and dill, chicken liver parfait and tomatoes and mozzarella salad. The salad was fresh and light but it would be a challenge to get wrong to be honest. The salmon was fresh and delicate and the liver parfait was served with toasted bread. All were lovely and well presented but lacked inspiration – to be honest reader I could (and have) cooked this before.

For main course the suited and booted waiter served us vegetable risotto, sirloin steak and seafood linguine. The vegetable risotto was nice though was not as creamy as I would have liked but the vegetables were al dente so it was a well rounded dish. The steak was supposed to be rare but was served medium rare at best as it was thin. In France rare steak is served rare unlike in England which is served one stage above so I felt this went against them. This was served with French fries and mayonnaise and they were light and crispy. The seafood linguine was again slightly overcooked and we felt it could have more seafood but the tomato sauce it was served in was delicious.

This simple menu couldn’t go wrong but that went in its favour as it was served at a reasonable price and top that with the Parisian décor and service we were pretty satisfied. Bearing price for quality in mind Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls awards Côte:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service    

3 Stars2 Stars2 Stars

Cote steak

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  1. Good review again … you should do this for a newspaper. Personal I don’t like when the food is bigger than the plate … it looks like it’s going to crawl of the plate.
    Have seen Cote … in London, but I think I will pass it by next time too.

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