Tea Prince Cosplay Cafe ‘Hanami Sakura Bloom Event’ at The MADD Cafe – Guest Post

Madd Cafe

We went with a friend to one of her Cosplay events (we had no idea what this was when we accepted and were surprised, confused and a little well awkward but we had fun).

Becca Moriarty reports back from our visit to The Tea Prince latest Cosplay Cafe held at MADD café in Soho.

“This was my first experience of a cosplay café, I have always been far too busy with crewing to enjoy the one Anime League provide at Alcon so was very excited and intrigued to experience this! Purchasing V.I.P princess tickets, entitling us to chekkis (photographs), a waltz and confessions letter from our butler.
On arrival, we were greeted by leading maid dressed in the traditional outfit and filled with beautiful pink bows. She explained the rules and led the way into the surreal world of cosplay cafe…

The menu consisted of delicious dessert delicacies; chocolate truffle, chocolate cup liquer soufflé, strawberry and cream slice washed down with a choice of drinks from the usual coffee, tea or MADD’s speciality fruit smoothies. If you’re feeling extra naughty strawberry daiquiris were on offer! On arrival, each butler will personalise your dessert plate, with your name and/or image on request – including bunnies, dinosaurs and lego men! Personally, If visiting again I recommend you choose MADD’s speciality, the mango smoothie and the chocolate soufflé!

As well as good hosting and food, entertainment was also provided by the maids and butlers of tea Prince, including j-pop dancing. My friend braved the stage and performed the waltz with Butler Shen! Another friend received a beautifully hand crafted confession letter (love letter) from Maid Usagi, kudos to her performance giving the letter, also naturally my friend he had to have his chekki with her!

Interestingly, I attended with friends who have very little, if no interest in anime, just a love of food and new experiences! Despite this, the maids and butlers were very courteous, friendly and understanding, explaining anything we didn’t know. Speaking with our Butler Shen, who could see we were new to cosplay café, and perhaps slightly nervous. We discussed that it may because, in the UK we are barely used to getting someone to service us with a smile. The closet we get to a personalised plate, is an incorrectly name spelt on a take away Starbucks cup. Cosplay cafés are becoming more popular in the UK and I recommend you try one out no matter if you’re a cosplayer or not, as long as you like food and good company, go and find the nearest one in your area!”

Becca Moriarty, PR Anime League

From Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls perspective it was definitely an experience – quiet strange but we did have a laugh. Don’t get me wrong I love fancy dress but for me it was a little too much. As a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives The Tea Prince Cosplay Cafe event held at the MADD Cafe:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

2 Stars3 Stars3 Stars


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