The Gingerline

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Sorry reader this is more of a tease than a review but we really think it is worth mentioning despite the limited details and cryptic comments.

The Gingerline is a seasonal pop-up restaurant that is situated somewhere on ‘The Ginger Line’ (it changes location for each event), that is the Overground in the East, South East area of London. The restaurant texts you one hour before you have to be at the location and you have to find the place via the cryptic instructions in the text.

There is a different theme each month, which is also kept a secret until you arrive through the door/gate/cellar…

The policy of The Gingerline is not to tell the secret of the place or any details relating to it to anyone. I think it would be safe to mention the food however and I will keep the original themed names hidden. On arrival we were given a cocktail inspired by the evening’s theme and the food was in keeping too.

For starter we had butter bean and white truffle dip, with bread twigs and radish in the centre. This looked rustic, earthy and incredibly natural. These were served in ceramic slim pots tat were encased in a glass jar until we were told we can eat. The dip was cold as was the bread it was served with but this was meant to be a centre piece of the table before we ate so this was pre planned. The white truffle dip was tasty and delicious spread onto the bread. The bread ‘twigs’ stuck into the dip, were less tasty and they had become a little soggy but non the less I finished it all off.

The next course we had, mackerel with parsnip and beetroot chips served with a horseradish dressing. This came out on a stark white plate while leaves garnished the outer edge of the dish. The mackerel was a thin belt of fillet and its iridescent silver skin sparkled against the darker hues of the dish. I would have preferred more horseradish for extra spice but that is my personal taste and the presentation was faultless.

For main course we had wild bird with couscous and roasted vegetable, I was disappointed that the ‘wild bird’ in question was only duck but it was delicious I must admit. It was not fatty and well spiced. The meat, Moroccan couscous and roasted carrots (not vegetables as it said in the menu) were served in large bowls so that the table(s) shared. This was part of the Gingerline experience as sharing (food, stories, tasks) was deeply encouraged. The couscous was full of herbs, spices and pomegranate seeds which was lovely.

To cleanse our pallets we had a bergamot sorbet with a shot of vodka, I am not sure what bergamot is but it tasted light and zingy (I would have said it was lemon if I had not known).

For dessert we had a raspberry roulade which had a sticky dense meringue filled with contrasting sour raspberry caulis. It was delicious and the meringue was just perfect, I love a chewy meringue inside a crisp outer shell.

The food option was limited to vegetarian or meat and although not unusual in its ingredients I guess if you are a picky eater or don’t like adventure well then the night is not for you I am afraid. This place was incredible and I can only suggest you make an effort to go once in your time in London – I can honestly say one of the most unforgettable evening meals/events I have done in a long long while. Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives The Gingerline and you will see why if you ever get the chance to go… :

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

4 Stars5 Stars4 Stars


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