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This is a fairly new restaurant located in a rather run down part of Bethnal Green (and yes, I mean by Bethnal Green standards). The restaurant is on Cambridge Heath Road and is easily missed as it is squeezed in between offices and a few shops. This Bright Field probably used to be a shop as the walls are all made of glass which makes the place looks airy, modern although shame the view of Cambridge Heath road and the working men’s pub) isn’t nicer. None the less as you walk through the door you can tell this place is cool, modern and had a lot of thought put into it.

There is a tiny bar as you walk in with a few sofas and wooden school like chairs. We sat here for a drink before going into the main restaurant as we were early and also fancied a glass of sparkling English wine. On the wall opposite the windows is a blackboard with the ingredients which are all locally sourced; a nice touch.

The restaurant is one long rectangle so we were shown to our table walking through a wooden barrier that separates the bar from the restaurant. There are around eight simple wooden tables and have a fresh flower pot on each table. There is another ceramic white tiled bar opposite the window which is where the chefs work. This restaurant is all about simplicity with great ingredients. The menu consists of four starters, main courses and desserts at a set price; and very reasonable we must add.

We ordered olives to start and when these came out they were huge. They looked like a painting so perfectly formed and as I said huge. For starter we ordered the onion soup, chicken pate and ox cheeks. The soup came out in a rustic clay pot and was served with bread. The bread was a cold and a little dense for my liking. We had hoped for fresh, still hot bread. The chicken pate was just delicious, I had never had chicken pate but expected it to be smooth and similar in taste to Brussels pate but oh no this was really special. The pate had strips of chicken mixed into the pate. Clearly this was homemade and delicious. This was served with grilled bread also cold). The ox cheeks were delicious, two cheeks that had been braised so they fell to pieces when touched with a fork. The cheeks were served with a pomme puré (they simply called it potatoes but that doesn’t do it justice).

Satisfied with our starters our main courses were soon to follow. The waitress was quiet but eager to please; this was refreshing as she didn’t continuously bother us but ensured that we were completely happy before leaving us to enjoy our food.  I ordered roasted sea bass with a mussel broth and the others ordered the chicken pie. Now I have to say when we go to Bob Bob Ricard, one of my favourite London restaurants we often go for the chicken and champagne pie but I have to say this was on par and a lot cheaper (the 2 course meal probably amounted to the same as the pie in Bob Bob). The pie was huge served in a ceramic oval casserole pot. The crust was golden and crisp and the meat was plentiful and very juicy as it had soaked up the creamy mushroom sauce that it had been cooked in.  The fish dish was a good option from me; the roasted sea bass was thin but full of flavour. It had a golden crispy skin that contrasted with the white juicy flesh. This was sat on a thick broth full of meaty mussels that were swollen with the juices that they had soaked up.  It was a stunning dish in terms of presentation as well as flavour.

This restaurant puts simplicity at the heart of what it does, don’t think for a second this means lack of thought or quality – quite the opposite. The people behind this place made a real effort for it to be simple with local products, a daily changing menu, friendly staff and inspired dishes.  Sex Drugs and Bacon rolls gives This Bright Field:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

5 Stars4 Stars3 Stars

this bright field

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