J Sheekey

J Sheekey

We were looking for a good fish restaurant in central London and boy did we find one. We were recommended this place by a friend and we knew this person had good but expensive taste.

J Sheekey is located in St Martin’s Lane and is primarily a fine dining fish restaurant. We booked this place for a pre-theatre meal and when we called to book we were impressed by the care and attention we received from the gentleman on the phone. He informed us of the time of the play that we were going to see and recommended the latest time for us to thoroughly enjoy our meal without rush.

We were welcomed into this cosy restaurant, which has three rooms with a pathway leading to each one. This gives it a cosy, small and snug feel, although the restaurant is relatively big if you add all the rooms together. We were shown to the room at the end of the restaurant furthest from the door. The rooms were lined with light varnished wood and cosy benches. It had an old fashioned Westminster feel to it.

This is a white table, silver dining set restaurant and so needless to say the waiters were faultless; to be honest I can’t remember seeing them but our drinks were always topped up and any needs we had were filled immediately. Now that is what I call perfect service, not a waiter coming over every few minutes checking if everything is ok, if you have finished if you have NOW finished. Sorry I will stop ranting and get to the food.

For starter I ordered razor clams with chorizo chilli and garlic, the other diners ordered the dressed crab.  My razor clams were served first and I have to say I was pretty happy with my choice. I had four razor clams that had chorizo and some chilli dressing drizzled over it. The razor clams were delicious and perfectly cooked. A second longer they would have been overcooked, I prefer undercooked just in case but in this instance it was done to the second. The crab was served with the brown and white meat in a quinel shape. It was served with a silver boat with a hollandaise dressing. The crab was dry but served with the creamy dressing was delicious as the light fresh meat contrasted with the rich creamy sauce.

For main course we ordered the monkfish and tiger prawn curry and the sea bream. The prawn curry was served in a mild creamy sauce and served with rice. The sauce I have to say was tasteless and definitely needed more spice. I understand that they did not want to mask the delicate flavours of the fish but as a result, it lacked any umph. Saying that the fish was cooked to perfection and really stood out from the weak sauce. The sea bream was served whole with green beans so that we had to de-bone it. It just fell off the bone and so was hardly arduous to eat (which a whole fish often can be). This was served with a lemon in muslin and green beans.

We finished our meal with plenty of time to spare and so drank the dregs of our Sauvignon blanc before ordering the bill. As I said at the beginning this is not a cheap restaurant but it is certainly memorable. I feel that I would rather spend more on a few excellent meals than have many average places (yes I know it seems hypocritical as we have this ever growing food blog and ‘to do restaurant list’). The service and food was second to none. They knew which theatre we were going to, researched timings, were comforting yet incredibly professional and the food was melt in the mouth. If you want a good fish restaurant in London I don’t think you will find any better than J Sheekey. Needless to say Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives this place:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

4 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

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