We went to Tuton’s, an affordable English restaurant in Covent Garden as we were going to see a show later that afternoon. We have noticed Tutton’s before as it always seems busy albeit with tourists, and not to mention it is above a martini bar we often frequent. Anyway there was a small party of us and we decided to go for their post/pre theatre dinner option but when we arrived we were told that unfortunately they do not do this on Sundays. We did not feel this was very clear on the website but we were there now and would not be able to find anywhere else at such late notice for the eight of us.

This restaurant is situated on the corner of Leicester Square near the Transport Museum. It is in a English Brasserie style with a light airy room with tiled flooring and wooden alcoves for diners.

We were seated along the back wall on wooden benches upholstered with deep red fabric. We were handed the full à la carte menu, which had a varied range of English and Italian style dishes that were unoffending to any taste – perfect for this tourist area. We were welcomed by an eastern European waitress, who was friendly and charming and was clearly used to service as she was fast and efficient, lacking neither personality of formality.

We were asked if we wanted any nibbles to start so we ordered bread and olives. We hate restaurants that are so tight you have to actually order bread, typical tourist establishment. We all skipped starter and went straight for main course. We ordered the seafood risotto, chicken breast and the salmon. These came out quickly as we had anticipated. The risotto was a huge bowl of steaming rice that was full of squid, mussels and prawns. It was piping hot and delicious, the only thing I would say is that the dirty beige colour was hardly inspiring. If it was me I think I would have added a touch of paprika on top or added another colour fish such as salmon or mackerel. The fish were all over cooked but edible and the risotto itself was full of flavour. The chicken was presented on an olive tapenade with new potatoes and again slightly over cooked. When the salmon came out for the three people who ordered it, we all were slightly shocked as one of the salmon fillets was literally half the size of the others. It was so obvious I am amazed that the chefs had the guts to serve it. If there was just one of us having this I could understand how they thought they could get away with it but there were three of them! We swiftly mentioned this and to be fair on the waitress she was extremely apologetic and let us know it would only be a few minutes late (four minutes apparently). The salmon did come out rather swiftly and served with new potatoes too. Again the salmon was over cooked and the skin a little greasy. I think when cooking salmon it is better to be sparing with oil as the fish is already oily.

We ordered crème brulée and summer fruits crumble for dessert. The crème brulée was delicious with an amber crust that crumbled when touched. I prefer a thicker caramel so there is a real crack when hit with a spoon. Also it would have been improved with an additional fusion of flavour such as orange zest, vanilla pod or some other subtle flavouring that could have improved the creamy dish. The fruit crumble had large pieces of crumble at the top that were covered with golden sugar giving it an intense caramelised hit. The fruits consisted of raspberries, blueberries and strawberries and was piping hot. The fruits were a little sweet against the sugary crumble and I would have liked a broader combination of more sour berries such as red and black currents.

On the whole we were satisfied with this as we were aware it would be targeting tourists therefore simple in menu, unexciting and a little overpriced. Saying that the service was good, the atmosphere and décor cosy and as a tourist trap not too bad. Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls rewards Tutton’s:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

2 Stars2 Stars3 Stars

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