santiniWe had planned to go to a cool little cafe in Soho but due to lack of time we decided to have lunch at Santini, a restaurant near our offices.

Our guest chose the location, which was good as we had no real idea of nice places in Victoria (if you have never been it is a desolate wasteland at the moment). So we were told to go to Santini at 1pm. Santini is about a five minute walk from Victoria station and is hidden in a corner of Ebury street.  It looks very 90’s in design from the outside and I suspect it has a little terrace in the summer as there is a little concrete paving area in front of the restaurant (yes concrete please do not comment).

I was a little wary from the outside but as we walked in we were welcomed by a waitress in the small reception area. Along with the reception desk there was a miniature bar that looked slightly awkward in it surroundings, squeezed into the corner; not a bar and not even part of the restaurant.

We were seated by the window overlooking the concrete (possible) terrace #cough# and main road – although to be fair it was not loud. The restaurant was a large white room; incredibly white when I come to think of it. There were a few mirrors but very minimalist. Anyway our guest advised us to go for the pasta as it is ‘incredible’ here. As a result I went for the salad as I hate it when people tell me what’s best to eat. I ordered the crab, pomegranate salad with a parsley lemon dressing. The other two diners ordered pasta. Veal ragout with angel hair and homemade pasta ribbons with tomato, olives and garlic. I have to say the pasta looked and tasted great. Fresh, al dente and homemade and the flavourings were salty, garlicky and just very, very Italian. My salad was nice but ‘I cut my nose off to spite my face’, as we say. It was good but hardly as satisfying as the pasta. The crab was moist but lacked depth with the lambs lettuce leaves and handful of pomegranate. It did what it said on the tin but just disappointed and I hoped for more; basically it served me right for bucking the trend.

We ordered espressos to finish off our working lunch (okay I admit we did have a few glasses of Sauvignon blanc on but that’s just between us right?).

Service was good; efficient but lacking personality. For Victoria it is pretty good, the ingredient and quality were great but dishes lacked imagination and as a result Sex Drugs and Bacon Rolls gives Santini:

            Food                       Atmosphere                       Service

3 Stars2 Stars3 Stars

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